Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thanksgiving Family

Well, I've been back in the States for three and a half months now and lots of exciting things happened.  They aren't really about Korea, but since when has that stopped me from posting things here?  Now that I'm away from that hellish job I'm trying to get myself writing again when I'm not busy with my masters or work, so hopefully, this blog will never go so long without being updated ever again.

It's not that I didn't have awesome stuff to share with y'all last year, it was just too depressing to write because work was like a cancer sucking the fun out of life.

Well, last February MY and I talked and we decided that if it was possible he would come to the US and meet my family while I was back visiting them between jobs.  This ended up being possible and on November 21st he landed at our little airport here in Niceville.

It had only been a few weeks, but I was very excited to see him.  The 22nd was his birthday and he was quite surprised when we had a nice dinner and a cake for him.  He definitely wasn't expecting a gift from my grandparents.

On the 23rd he and I prepared Korean barbecue for Apple Jack, Kay-Kay, and Elli.

It was delicious.
The Table
The Chef
I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. They were all taken on an iPhone 4.

On the 24th we went and saw the Nutcracker up at the collage with my cousin Rebecca.  Then on the 25th we got my Dad and Linda's house tidied up.  I did the inside while MY discovered the joys of a leaf blower (remember, most people in Korea don't have yards).
This driveway was buried before.
On the 26th we sat around and played board games with Elli and my cousins, Andrew and Rebecca.

Then, on the 27th, the major event occurred: MY got to meet my dad and Linda.

Linda and I just stood back and watched as MY was unfailingly polite and my dad enjoyed being the center of so much fearful respect.  Eventually Linda browbeat my dad into stepping off his pedestal and telling MY it was okay to call him Mike, but until then he was always Sir.  This led to an amusing incident later where my dad got called Sir Mike by MY by accident.

He loved that.

But, at least he didn't call my dad grandfather.  I accidently called MY's mother 'grandmother' instead of 'mother' in Korean.  They're fairly similar, but I was rather embarrassed.  Luckily, she was as nice about it as my dad was about being called Sir Mike, which is at least flattering.

On Thanksgiving we all gathered at Apple Jack and Kay-Kay's house to have a lovely meal.  Because there were eleven of us we pulled the small table out of the kitchen and made it larger in the middle of the living room.  So we had six in the living room and five at the round dining room table. It was quite a group:

The entire branch of our family.
On Friday the 29th the weather warmed up an we took MY to see a good Florida beach.  We also ate seafood at the Crab Trap.

On the 30th MY and I made a Korean dinner for my dad, Linda, Elli, Apple Jack, and Kay-Kay.  We made Bulgogi and a couple egg dishes served with kimchi we found at Fresh Market.  It was MY's mother's recipe for bulgogi.

Too small a table and too many people.
I don't really remember what we did Saturday the 1st of December, but that's when the Sir Mike event occurred while we were playing Eurorails.

On the 2nd Dad and Linda flew back to Tuckahoe, NY and MY and I went on a date.  I introduced him to Olive Garden (he said that the portions were much too big and heavy) and then we went and saw Frozen at the movies.

On the 3rd I took MY to Fort Walton Beach and took him down memory lane before going by the Indian Temple Mound Museum and saying hi to Michael.  Then I introduced him to Goofy Golf.  I was winning at first, but once he figured it out I lost, badly.  He's got much better hand-eye coordination than I do.

On the 4th we just relaxed at the house and, sadly, on the 5th he caught a plane back to Korea.

I haven't seen him since.

Just some random photos from his visit:

Watching the football game as we cook bulgogi.

My dad sharing one of his great loves with MY: movies.

Us :)


MY is helping Apple Jack with his computer.

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