Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Winter Wedding

The month of December was fairly uneventful in terms of things to do until Christmas.  Elli and I spent the morning opening presents with our grandparents and talking on Skype to Dad and Linda.  In the afternoon we drove to Navarre with our cousins to celebrate the holiday with our Mom's side of the family.

I don't have any pictures since they were all taken on Derrick and Margret's camera and they were never posted to Facebook....

On the day after Christmas Elli and I were up and at the airport before the sun rose to fly up to New York.  Dad and Linda picked us up at about 11am and we headed off for lunch.

Then that evening we met Linda's sons, Matt and Kevin and Matt's fiancee, Stephanie.
L to R: Kevin, Me, Linda, Dad, Matt, Elli
The new addition is Stephanie, my future sister-in-law.
While in New York we did all sorts of touristy things like visiting The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Wall Street, Ellis Island, Times Square and Central Park.  We also saw The Lion King on Broadway, which was spectacular, though the actual seats were terrible (not the location, the actual seats and non-existent leg room.
Dad and Elli in Grand Central Station
Radio City Music Hall
Central Park
Times Square
Southern View from Empire State Building
Coldest day of the year at the Statue of Liberty
Warming up inside the Empire State Building
Great picture of Dad and Linda
Oh, we also visited Koreatown for lunch.
 One day we also got a massive snowfall, which made Elli extremely happy since she hasn't lived long enough with snow to get tired of it.  We also went sledding.
Elli, right before she discovered the joys of shoveling snow.
This ride did not end well.
It was cold.
On our first Saturday we all drove down to South Jersey and met the rest of Linda's family.  We then spent the night at her mother's house.  It was really nice meeting everyone.

New Year's Day was the day of the big event.  My dad and Linda got married.

It was a very quiet ceremony in the living room.  Her best friend conducted the ceremony and the only guests were us children, Linda's mother, and one of Linda's brothers and his wife.
The cake Elli and I made.
Aren't they adorable?
I was the only one that knew how to put it on...
Cutting the cake.
Only missing MY.
Aren't my new stepbrothers really tall?  Dad is six foot, if that gives you an idea of their height...

The visit up there was very nice and I'm sad we didn't get to stay more than ten days.  But Dad ended up getting a job while we were there and started it soon after we left, so it was ultimately a perfectly timed visit.

Maybe next time I come back to the states I'll just bypass Florida and go up to New York.

Though Apple Jack and Kay-Kay wouldn't like that at all....

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