Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Long Year

I haven't posted anything in over a year due to the fact that this past year was a very bi-polar one.  Any time spent at work was almost always hell on earth.  The boss was not pleasant.  She had favorites and if you weren't one of her favorites than nothing you ever did was good enough.  Even if parents were happy, students were happy, and there was visible proof (through tests and such) that the students were actually learning and improving.  There was scream and yelling, combined with miscommunication that made the place a nightmare.  No one that worked there while I was there actually enjoyed it.  Some thought it was merely fine and that there were worse places, but they also tended to be those that the boss liked.

Then there was the apartment.

It had a minor mold problem when we moved in that quickly turned into a serious mold problem.  Then, when they came out to fix it they just tore down the wallpaper and didn't do anything to clean it, so it came back just as badly.  Took a lot of bugging to get it fixed, which might have caused some of the health problems I later had.  The mold wasn't helped by the poor insulation.  The front door and door to the porch were always coated in condensation and the apartment never got very warm.  Also, the water in the wintertime never got above lukewarm, which made showering in an unheated bathroom miserable.  Unlike in my first apartment, where the hot water heated up the bathroom in a matter of minutes.

By the front door.
By the bathroom.
Behind the TV.
Now, there were good things.  The students were lovely (most) and the few that weren't still tried their best.  I never had a bad group of students, though I had a few kindergartners that had issues of some sort or another.  Valerie (my friend that took over my classes) knows who I'm talking about.  We also always got paid on time and the boss never cheated me out of any money, but I know that several people after me were cheated.  But, I think part of the reason she didn't cheat me was because I have a Korean boyfriend (which she hated) and so I'd be more likely to go to the Korean Labor Board.  Our building was also very well-heated and cooled and we we always had supplies for decorating our classrooms.

Where I worked:

My classroom for kindergarten.

My babies.  I miss them.
At the opposite end of the spectrum was life outside of work.  MY and I shared a small studio apartment for the entire year and survived.  We also went on several little trips around Korea on three day weekends.
It was freezing.
We decided not to brave the ice.
Looks a bit like the Gulf Coast doesn't it?
Yes, that is Savannah and myself sitting on golden poop.
Last summer he and I flew over to Fukuoka, Japan for four days.  It was very lovely, but insanely hot.  As bad as Florida is sometimes.

Ramen Shop!
Gambling horse racing thing.
Creepy tomato thing eating MY.
He was too hot and tired to smile....
Old-style Street
Deserted Market Street
MY's cooked seafood.
Kimchi Fried Rice...in Japan?
Fresh made dumplings
Adorable yumminess.
Don't judge, everywhere else had an hour wait and we were starving.
Antiquated subway tickets.  Japan, you're killing me.
Pork cutlet goodness at the airport.
Udong again
My position ended two weeks early unexpectedly, so I guess they did cheat me out of two weeks pay, though at least I didn't do the work.  On my last day of work I had a low fever and my throat was killing me.  By 4am my tonsils were swollen so badly I couldn't swallow anything and could barely breath.  MY called an ambulance and took me to the emergency room.  I ended up having xrays and blood tests done to determine it was bacterial tonsillitis.  Then I was given two IVs.  One for antibiotics and another for dehydration.  They offered to let me stay, but since I was done working I went home instead.  I was sent off with more antibiotics and strong Tylenol.

The entire visit cost about $130, the ambulance ride was free.

I spent the weekend laying in bed sick and with no energy while MY moved all of our stuff to the temporary apartment we stayed in for the month of October.  He's really amazing.

About two weeks after my job ended I noticed that my hand was red and sore.  Went to a clinic and had it x-rayed before being given an anti-inflamatory and told to come back in two days.  When I came back my hand was worse and was now beginning to swell.

The doctor took one look at it and sent me to a nearby hospital.

Turned out I had cellulitis.  And it was starting to appear in my foot also, which was definitely not good.

So I got put on two types of oral antibiotics and was told to come in for three days in a row to be given a shot of antibiotics also.  Then I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was to keep both my right foot and right hand elevated up over my heart for as much as possible.  This made it impossible to leave our tiny temporary apartment for almost two weeks.  I was also unable to play computer games and could barely do any of my masters' work, let alone write.

Needless to say, I watched a lot of movies and tv shows.  Which got old very quickly since MY was at work all day, as were all of my friends.

I was set to fly out of Korea on October 28th and on the 27th I was well enough to go to a jjimjilbang with my friends Valerie and Stephanie, which was very nice.

I was exhausted and still recovering when I arrived back in Florida, but I was happily back with my family and ready to prepare for MY's visit at the end of November.

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