Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visit to Niceville 2012

My last day of work is Sept. 28 and I fly back to the states on Sept. 29.  Tickets haven't been bought yet, but it looks like I'll be back in Niceville around 9pm on Saturday, judging by the available tickets.

Then I'll be flying back to Korea on the 13th or 14th of October.  So, I literally only have two weeks.

And that means I only have one full weekend in Niceville.  I really, really want to have it be a full one since I know so many people are fulltime wage slaves.

If you want to see  me during that week and a half, you need to tell me ASAP.  I'd love to be able to see everyone that wants to see me.

Okay, here's my schedule for that time.  I'll update it as I find more things to do:

  • Sept. 29:
    • Evening: Flying in.  If family are still at Oktoberfest and I have any energy I might try and stop by.
  • Sept. 30:
    • Evening: Game night
  • Oct. 1:
    • Morning: Dentist Appointment
  • Oct. 2:
    • Afternoon: Visit Barrancas with Elli
    • Evening: Dinner with Grandpa in Navarre (People are welcome to join)
  • Oct. 3:
  • Oct. 4:
    • Evening: Helping Kay-Kay with Bunko at her house
  • Oct. 5:
  • Oct. 6:
    • Maybe Margret?
  • Oct. 7:
    • Evening: Game night
  • Oct. 8:
  • Oct. 9: 
    • Change of plans due to my Visa transfer.  I leave at 3:10pm from VPS
  • Oct. 10: 
    • Thirteen Hour layover in San Francisco, so my director is booking me a hotel.
  • Oct. 11:
    • I arrive in Seoul at 3:05pm local time.
Some point in that time period I'm going shopping for things I can't get over here.  Actually, I'll probably go shopping after my dentist appointment (if not the day after I get here) for all sorts of bad things I can't get here, such as goldfish with any flavor except cheddar, cheez-its, and all sorts of other really bad things.  That's probably when I'll pay a visit to Publix and say hi.

Okay, my mouth is now watering for white cheddar cheez-its.

I'll also be going out to Old Mexico several times.  Those of you in Niceville/Valparaiso *cough*lizziejoshkatherinelaura*cough* are more than welcome to join me on one of my visits to that delicious place after you get off work.

I also want to try the Korean restaurant in Niceville and judge if they're any good since I'm now a really, really good judge of Korean food.

If anyone wants to join me for either of those let me know a good day for you.

Oh, if you can't tell, my entire visit will be about people and food (with maybe drinks in there two, I miss the Smirnoff Ices).

I'm planning to bring back rice wine and soju with me, so if anyone wants to try some, then let me know, I can at least spare you a taste....maybe...

Now, if you think I'm planning this too much, please remember that I have a short time and I know everyone else will still be working full schedules, so I don't want to miss seeing someone because of missed chances or conflicting schedules.

So, let my trip to my hometown begin!

Well...begin in sixteen days...


  1. Replies
    1. Sounds good to me and Kristen will be off too.

    2. Sweet! I can't wait to see you too!!!

  2. I'll try to come back home during one of those weekends to see u :)

    1. That would be awesome! I hope they let you off for the weekend of the 6th!

      Gah! I'm getting so excited!

  3. I have no phone!!!! Facebook your every move so I can stalk you! LOL