Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Changes

The weather has cooled, and with this change in weather comes a change in my situation.

For those of you that didn't know, I've decided to stay in Korea for another year, but not in Changwon.  I'm moving across the country to Seoul.

Seoul is the eleventh largest city in the world in terms of population just inside of the city limits.  It has about 10.5 million people inside the city limits.

When it comes to metropolitan areas, we end up with 20.5 million people.  That puts it as number two in the world, only beaten by Tokyo with 32.5 million.

And when they count the entire urban area around the city, you end up with it being number three with 22.5 million people.  Beaten by Tokyo with 37.1 and Jakarta with 26.1 million.

When you count it among the world's megacities it's number four with 25.3 million people.

A bit of a difference from Niceville's 12,000 people, isn't it?

Also, Seoul puts Changwon's 1.5 million people to shame.

Another big change for me is that I'll be switching from an afternoon private academy to a private kindergarten/academy.

From 1000-1400 I'll have my own private class of kindergarten students.  I'll teach them every subject and I'll be their only teacher.

From 1400-1800 I'll teach two classes of Elementary students English on MWF and one class on TR.

I won't really have any downtime at work, but I'm fine with that.  All the downtime here at CNS (almost four hours a day) gets a little tiring sometimes.  Especially when I run out of things to plan.

The third and final change is that I won't be living alone.

As I've told Apple Jack (who then told Kay Kay and my dad), MY and I are moving in together.

Another change you'll see is the design of my blog.  Yes, it's still called 'A Rose in Korea', but the only Rose to be found here now is me, or, as the Koreans like to say, 로즈 (ro-juh).  I figured that the previous design was a little too girly and immature looking.  Plus, I was getting tired of it and wanted to incorporate some of my pictures from here in Korea.

Some things haven't changed from last year though.  I'm sure if you reread 'here' you'll figure out what hasn't changed.

One thing I'm certain that has changed has been myself.

I'm more confident and sure of myself than I've ever been before.  Living alone, far from your support center, will do that for you.

I spent last Wednesday night with JD and Casey celebrating JD's birthday.  It was his first birthday without his family or fraternity brothers.  That, combined with the two month mark, made him homesick.

Casey and I treated him to some good Italian pizza and an ice cream cake that we proceeded to eat on a playground, in the dark.

Watching JD struggle with his homesickness reminded me of where I was at my two month mark and how hard it was, realizing that the first joys of adventure were gone and that I was far from everything I knew.

It was hard, super hard.

Probably one of the hardest moments in my life.  I remember crying in the McDonalds at 0500 with Claire.

But, the thing is, that no matter how hard that point was - it got better.

And it didn't just get better, it got much, MUCH better.

I know I said before that point that my apartment felt like home, but really, it didn't feel like HOME until after I hit the low point.  I realize that now as I'm slowly sorting through  things and deciding what to take for my visit back to Niceville, what to leave for the next girl, what to throw out, and what to take with me to my next job.

Life is an adventure, there are ups and downs, but, remember, the hero must always reach their lowest point before they can become what they are truly meant to be.

Now, was that the lowest point in my life?

I don't know.

It was definitely my lowest point yet and I know I'm a much better person for it.

So, we'll just wait and see what else the future holds for me.

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  1. I knew that late 2011 was a hard time for you, but I didn't know you were having so hard time that you cried at dawn.

    Hope things go well, even after moving to the new city.