Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Turning 24

Surprisingly enough, my birthday actually started the night of the 3rd here in Korea.

I met up with MY when I got off work at 2030.  The two of us headed down to Lotte and bought things to make soup.  I just wanted to stay in and cook with him that evening since we were planning to go out on the 4th.

We buy our stuff at Lotte then go down to the parking garage and get in his car.  I return the cart while he pulls out so I can get in.  Once I get in he asks me to fix his wing mirror since it's folded against his car.  I reach out to fix it and then when I turn back to face him he's holding a big bouquet of roses.

The roses were fake because the ones he could find were all wilted in the heat wave, but his card had a really sweet message about our love never fading, just like the flowers.  I loved that.

After that we drove back to my place and MY suggested I shower before dinner since I looked pretty hot and tired.

This made me a little suspicious, but I grabbed my towel and some clothes and headed to the bathroom.  When I was in the shower I heard the fridge open and so I got really suspicious.

I was right to be suspicious.  When I entered my main room the light was off and he was sitting on the floor with a lit up birthday cake.  He was also singing 'Happy Birthday'.

It was so sweet!

I blew out the candles.
It was blueberry cake and totally awesome!
Then, as I was distracted he pulled out a present from behind his back.

It was one of the little jewelry boxes, like the one my dad gave me when I was a child.  Really, the only difference was that this one was purple and the other one was black.  I started tearing up.  The smell was so familiar, it brought back memories.
I love it!
We made dinner after that, some of the yummy (and healthy!) soup Casey made on Tuesday, but I made it less spicy.

The next morning I called my grandparents and opened the gift they sent with Elli.  Then I called Elli (a little late...) and talked to her and my dad.

After I was done talking MY and I ate some brunch then decided to go to a jjimjilbang.  I really love those places.

We wanted to go to the one by Casey's house, but it was closed for vacation until today, so we went to one downtown.  It was a rather small one, but very nice.  I showered and then chilled in the baths for awhile.   Eventually I rejoined MY in the mixed section and we sat in the ice room, then a dry sauna, then the ice room again.  We drank iced tea and just laid around chatting.  Eventually we tried these funny boxes that heat your lower half while keeping your upper half cool.  That was rather interesting.

Eventually we ran home, changed clothes for the evening, and went to chill in a PC bang until JD and Alexis (JD's girlfriend) got into town.

We picked them up from the bus terminal and then dropped Alexis' luggage off at JD's apartment.  Alexis is moving to Japan after her visit here, so she had a lot of luggage.

Then we swung by and picked Casey up before heading downtown to Outback.  There was a wait, so we sat outside at a FamilyMart playing BS until they called our name.  I got this awesome ribeye with gorgonzola cheese on it.  I have to thank Z for introducing me to that cheese.  It really is awesome.

Since MY and I had steaks we got soups (one mushroom and one pumpkin).  No one else had one so we put them in the center of the table with the bread and just ate them Korean style.  I would've felt so awkward eating food when no one else had any.  Seriously, Korea has changed the way I treat the dinner table.

JD got a cajun rice dish, while Alexis and Casey got pasta.  We all gave each other some of our food.  I had serious trouble using a fork to get pasta.  I found myself wishing for a pair of chopsticks.  Seriously, I think if I eat any pasta or noodles when I visit Niceville I'll stick to chopsticks.  I use a fork when I go out and eat chicken, and that's about it.  It's starting to feel foreign in my hand...

After eating we went to the foreigner 막걸리(makgeoli) bar.  We sat on some couches and played card games and scrabble while eating salty popcorn (a rarity here) and drinking coke and makgeoli.  It was really chill and we were the only people in the bar since lots of people are out of town on vacation right now.  

When we left there we walked down to a street vendor.  JD wasn't hungry, but Casey got toast and the rest of us got 오뎅 (fish cakes).

MY hadn't been drinking since he drove.  We drove over to the lake and showed Alexis and JD the foot massage area.  They thought it was insane.

When we left the lake we dropped everyone off at their respective houses.  Then MY filled up his gas tank, dropped me off at home, and headed back to Daegu.

I spent all of Sunday (which part of was still my birthday in the states) relaxing in my apartment and doing absolutely nothing.

It was glorious.

I did get invited to go out to dinner at 1930 but had already eaten and didn't really feel like getting out of my pajamas, so I turned it down.

It was a very nice end to a good week.  This weekend should be even more exciting since I'm going to Seoul with JD, Alexis, and Casey.  MY and I are going to show them around properly.  JD's been to Seoul, but never had a guide and had no clue what he was doing and Casey's never been to Seoul.

It should be fun.  I'll write about it next week.

That is, if I survive...

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