Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Vacation: Part 3 Delightful Daegu Again

Sunday was spent entirely in my home.  It was hot as the hinges of hell outside and I had no desire to venture into the sweltering heat.  Seriously, the heat index was over 100 F.  Here's proof:
Though it was less humid than normal.
Around 1600ish I finally braved the heat and went to Lotte to buy some much needed supplies for what I planned to cook that evening.

I ended up making deviled eggs (with quail eggs), tuna fish salad, brownies (in the microwave!), and cheesy ranch mashed potatoes.  It took me about four hours because as I made the deviled eggs and tuna fish salad I was sitting at the little table in my room and watching movies on Netflix.

Around 2200 MY messaged me to say he was at the airport in Vietnam and that he'd be in Korea around 0530 and in Daegu at about 1030.

I told him I loved him and to be safe, then I went to bed, I had an early day the next day too.

I woke up at about 0630, packed up all the food in my cooler, grabbed my bag, and headed out the door after a quick bowl of cereal.  When I got to the bus stop I found out I'd missed my bus by about five minutes so I caught a taxi to the Masan Gosok Bus Terminal.  The taxi driver misunderstood me and went the wrong way at first so I had a higher fare...I was not amused, but was too eager to get to Daegu.

Normally when I go to Daegu I take a bus from the Changwon Bus Terminal, and it only goes to West Daegu Terminal.  The Masan Gosok Bus Terminal on the other hand goes to the East Daegu Terminal, which is the same one MY would be arriving at.

Now, I knew he'd be tired and I didn't want him to have to drive over and pick me up, also, I didn't want to wait the couple extra hours to see him.

So, I surprised him.

I reached the East Daegu Bus Terminal at a little before 1000.  He knew I was planning to take a bus from Changwon at 1010, so he messaged me with:
MY: hey
Me: hey
MY: at the bus terminal?
Me: no
MY: on a bus already?
Me: actually…
Me: change of plans…
MY: on a train
Me: uh….
Me: no…
MY: not coming?!!?
Me: actually…
Me: I’m at the East Daegu Terminal
MY: what?!?!
MY: really??!
Me: yes J
 It was quite beautiful.  He got there about twenty minutes later and we took a taxi to his parent's house.  There I chilled with his sister while he showered and changed.

Then we went to his friend SH's house, where I met SH's mother.  I was the first foreigner she'd ever met so she asked to take a picture with me.
She was super nice.
She was very nice and gave us lots of food, though the three of us were about to go to lunch.  Eventually we left her nice apartment to head back into the sweltering heat.

The three of us went to a traditional restaurant that she suggested to it.  There was no menu, they just brought out whatever they'd decided to cook.  Everything was fresh from the market.

I got to eat this little guy:
He was rather delicious, as long as I didn't focus on his face too much.
After MY finished making SH and me laugh by having it talk to me with his chopsticks.

There was so much food, but it was all delicious, I ate quite a bit...

When we were finished eating we went to the pool place and played pool for an hour.  I think my pool playing skill has deserted me, I did terribly.

After pool we went to check out a rocky mountain stream behind their old high school.  It was very nice there and not crowded at all.
The water was so nice and cool.
Eventually though the mosquitoes started coming out and we left.  We dropped SH off at his house and MY and I went back to his parent's house:

Where I was about to meet MY's mom.

The meeting ended up going really well.  Though she speaks less English than I speak Korean.  MY translated her questions.  Though he was very embarrassed when he had to translate my answer to the question: Why do you like Min Young?

Then his dad came home.  His dad was super shy and is not used to talking with foreigners.  He just said hello to me and then sat down and talked to MY.

He asked a few questions about me, but addressed them all to MY, not me.  He really was too nervous to even look at me.  At first I worried about this but MY and HG (MY's sister), assured me that was normal for him.

After a bit we had dinner.  It was served in the traditional Korean style with all of us having our own small bowl of rice and then sharing everything else on a small table about the size of a nightstand.  There were two different kinds of kimchi, this pickled garlic (so yummy!), bulgogi (flavored beef), tofu soup, and something else I forgot the name of.

All of it was delicious.  The kimchi was made my MY's aunt, she makes all the kimchi in their family.

After dinner his mom showed me baby pictures (and high school pictures).  MY was so cute as a baby!  He was also a super happy baby, though he refused to smile in his high school pictures.  He reminded me of some of my least favorite middle school boys...I suppose it's a Korean adolescent boy thing.

At their house everyone sleeps on the floor, so that's what I did.

The next morning I woke up after MY's dad had gone to work.  MY and I walked down to buy bread and then we ate tuna fish sandwiches and deviled eggs with his mom and sister.  We also had some delicious watermelon.

We played some cards and a traditional Korean game that MY and I did really poorly at in the beginning (we played on teams), but by the end we were winning all the time.

Then we had some lunch (leftovers from the night before, but with flavored rice) and talked some more.  MY and I left to head to Changwon at around 1500.

When we left his mom gave me food and some of her homemade prune juice (yummy!).  She also gave me a hug, which is virtually unheard of.  Apparently she really, really liked me.  I really liked her too, she reminded me of Kay-Kay, it was very comforting.  I've missed being around someone that treats me like that, though I don't want it all the time, I like being independent.

We got to Changwon around 1700 and got my phone to the shop since it was overheating and the screen was cracked.  We dropped it off and went back to my apartment to chill under the AC and eat a snack.

At around 1930 we went to pick up my phone and stopped by E-Mart so MY could buy a blackbox for his car.

We left there and got to Casey's house at a little after nine.  There we chilled with JD and Casey while we ate Casey's homemade soup and drank 막걸리(makgeoli).  We ended up playing some card games after eating.

We played Uno: Though JD won once, I won the other five times.
We played Quidditch: I beat JD
We played Set: I won

They got very annoyed at me very quickly.

We chatted for a couple hours and the party finally broke up at around 0200.  

As I fell asleep I said goodbye to my vacation.  Though my awesome week was far from over.

And, even now, on Friday night, it's still not over.

MY is on vacation until Sunday and my birthday is on Saturday.

I'm turning 24 and this is the first year in my twenties that I don't approach my birthday with the thought, "It's my birthday already?  But I haven't done anything..."  

Instead, I approach it with the thought, "Wow, what will this next year bring?"

So, hello 24, goodbye 23!  You were a year full of changes, both good and bad, but I'm glad I lived you.  You've made me a better, happier and much more independent person.

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