Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Vacation: Part 2 Yeosu World Expo

Friday dawned hot and steamy.  I had a minor headache from the night before but that was gone after about an hour.

At about 1100 I went up to the hospital and made an appointment to get my eyes looked at since my allergies got so bad.  Then I relaxed at a cafe and read until my appointment at 1430.  He gave me some eye drops and an ointment and now they're almost back to normal.

After that I went and relaxed at my apartment until about 2030.  Then I headed downtown to Sangnam-do, where I met JD and Casey.  Casey invited some other people he knew, but none of them could make it.

So, once again, it was just the three of us.

We took JD to his first Korean BBQ where we ate delicious meat and drank Cass (best Korean beer, but not the best beer).
This awesome steak thing.
We were going to go to a club, but the cover was ridiculous, so we went to the Foreigner Bar, O'Brians, where I watched them play darts.
Casey won.
Then, at about midnight, we headed home and planned to meet up in the morning to head to Yeosu.

At 0745 I call Casey and see if we're still on for Yeosu, he hesitates, but does say yes.  So I finish getting ready and meet him at the bike station in front of CeCo at 0815.  Then the two of us bike to JD's house.  Where we proceed to catch a bus.

Somehow though, none of us actually looked up which buses take us from JD's house to the train terminal...


We ended up missing the 0915 train and took the 1010 bus instead from the Masan bus terminal.

We reached Yeosu at around 1300.  We just followed the crowds and ended up at the 2012 World Expo.

Follow the locals!
The Expo entrance!  It seriously reminded JD and me of Disney World.
Originally tickets for everyone were about   33,000.  Then we heard that they lowered it for foreigners down to   10,000, which is what we expected to pay, but, somehow, we only paid   3,000.  That was unexpected awesomeness.

I think Saturday was the hottest day yet of the summer, and, if not, it was the second hottest.  The sun was baking us so we quickly retreated under the huge building behind us.  The ceiling was a huge screen showing the ocean.  It was really epic.

This was also where all the international booths were.  We went to several countries.  Egypt's was seriously disappointing.  It was just some fake stones and random videos of Egypt on the wall with some things for sale.

The Angola one was rather cool, they gave us free hats, flags, and pins too.  We visited several other countries but quickly stopped as the lines got crazy and it got later.  During our visits we went to a shop and got some Korean food since all the non-Korean food was a little pricey and JD and Casey are both on a budget until their next paycheck.

We walked to a couple other areas, but didn't check out any other exhibits since the lines were unbelievable. For proof, here's the Samsung line:
Once it reached the building it started snaking closer together.
So, instead of waiting in an insanely long line in the nasty Florida style heat and humidity (Seriously, it was over 40 C and 100 F, at least in heat index), we went to play in the water:
JD is walking on water!  Sort of...
I gave up on walking on the rocks and decided to just chill.
Casey wanted to walk on water too!
But, he failed and got wet jeans in the process...

We walked around some more and just looked at everything, the place is beautiful, they really did a good job when they built it.
The O-Show
The giant clam JD and Casey disappeared into.
JD staring at people.
We were going to do one last exhibit, Japan, but the line was too long, even though we had a time ticket.  So instead we decided we'd gotten our money's worth and caught a bus back to Changwon.

On the first leg of the journey the three of us had the five person back seat to ourselves, but at the next stop there was one more person then there were seats.  A girl in heels carrying several bags.  JD got up and gave her his seat, then he settled himself on the floor.
He's taking it like a pro though.
After about an hour Casey switched with him since JD was sitting on the engine and felt like he was about to burn some important parts off.

Casey protected himself by putting his back to the engine.
The group of possibly college boys gave all of us candy.  Also, the Ahjussi sitting in the back with us called JD a gentleman.

Once we arrived back in Changwon our day was far from over.  We got toasted sandwiches at the bus terminal then ran by Homeplus and bought 막걸리(makgeoli) and strawberry juice.  

Then we went back to JD's house and drank the makgeoli and ate snacks we picked up at Family Mart while playing Uno.  Poor Casey only won once.
Uno and Strawberry Makgeoli!
Casey grabbing more 김 (seaweed)
Casey and I biked back to CeCo a couple of hours later and he walked me home.  I think that was one of my longest days in Korea, but it was also one of the most awesome.

Next up: Summer Vacation: Part 3 Delightful Daegu Again

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