Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Vacation: Part 1 ChickMek

Work is getting rather hectic.  Last week, on Wednesday, we started our Summer Immersion.  It's rather like our Winter Immersion (Which I never actually blogged bad).  We teach a special extra class from 1300-1430 where we play games, do arts and crafts, or even cook.  Then at 1500 we start teaching our normal classes.  This goes on for about 4-5 weeks, Monday to Thursday.  Due to this our hours this summer were changed from 1300-2100 to 1230-2030.  This made last Thursday rather awesome, because we started our vacation on Friday.

So, when the clock hit 2030 on Thursday all four of us grabbed our bags and got out of CNS as fast as we possibly could.  Claire went to go meet her boyfriend and the rest of us headed downtown after meeting up with JD.

The five of us went to our favorite chicken place where we proceeded to mix this awesome pomegranate mixer with soju and eat lots of chicken.  JD didn't know any of our drinking games, so he didn't do too well in the beginning.  Especially since the Korean numbers don't come very easily to him yet.
The thing is, Casey knew I was taking a picture...
I pulled out my camera and began taking my normally large amount of pictures of people when they don't expect it.

I feel that this picture correctly illustrates JD's feelings about the drinking games and my picture taking abilities...

Really though, this was one of our most awesome Chickmek sessions.  I only wish Claire and MY had been able to join us.  Claire's boyfriend  is afraid of speaking English or having her translate, so he never joins us, thus causing her to rarely join us.  As for MY, he was in Vietnam working 12 hour days...

On our way to the chicken place we were handed a flyer for a new restaurant with these awesome bunk bed tables.  So for our second place we decided to go there.  It was really cool, probably the most interesting looking place I've been to in Korea.

The restaurant.
While we were there JD and Casey started wondering how old the hostess was.  JD said nineteen, Casey said early twenties, Sophie and I said mid-twenties, while Jessie said thirty.

Turns out she was thirty-two.

This blew JD's mind.  He just couldn't imagine that she was that old.  I think part of that is because we get used to judging age by how it shows itself on our own ethnic group.  I say this because I've encounter Koreans that don't believe Casey is twenty-nine or that I'm twenty-three.
Our stairs up.
Jessie with our awesome scroll menu.
While there we drank 막걸리(makgeoli) and ate 김치전(Kimchi Jeon).  We stayed there for about an hour before moving on to a 노래방 (singing room).  

There we ordered more drinks, as well as more food.  At some point Sophie and Jessie left, they were really tired and the rest of us were talking to quickly in English for their tired and tipsy brains to keep up with.  The funny thing is though, when Casey and I go out with them they go into Korean when they reach that point and he and I get left out.
Sophie!  To Victory!
So enthusiastic here..
They look so into it...
After the two of them left I caught an awesome video of JD and Casey singing 'Tribute'.  Unfortunately I don't have the beginning because I didn't start filming until after I caught a few pictures.

Now, isn't that an epic video?  JD wrote about this evening too, but he didn't include the video...I wonder why...Though, it's funny, when I was taking it I thought it sounded awesome.

After we left the 노래방 the three of us went to a self-serve beer restaurant.  There the two of them got into a long political discussion and I snapped some pictures before playing on my phone and randomly Facebooking Colleen.  

Stop, stop right there.
Eventually we left and headed to the batting cages, where I snapped more pictures and they did really bad at batting and boxing.  I think JD hit 2 out of 18 and Casey hit 3 out of 18.

Casey at the bat!
JD at the bat!
The boxing was a little better though.

It's going down!
The punching bag punches back
 After this we headed back to our respective apartments.  JD to sleep before going to work while Casey and I looked forward to a Friday filled with nothing but whatever we wanted.

Coming up next: Summer Vacation: Part 2 Yeosu World Expo

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