Monday, August 27, 2012

Adventures in Seoul

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted!  It's been a crazy few weeks with our extra Summer Immersion classes (and extra pay).  So this post is rather late...

Back on Saturday, August 11th, I headed up to Seoul with JD, Alexis, and Casey.  The four of us caught a 0700 bus and proceeded to sleep our way to Seoul, which is where we met MY.

JD had been to Seoul twice before, but both times he was unprepared for the insanity that is Seoul and had no tour guide, Alexis was with him one of those times and just as unprepared, and as for Casey...he'd never been to Seoul, even after ten months here in Korea.  Granted, he knows Busan better than I do and has been there more often..

So the weekend was going to be a big whirlwind of a trip as we made sure to hit up all the big tourist spots.  Unfortunately, this gave JD the opinion that all of Seoul is crazy and full of foreigners.  When I'm up there in a month and a half or so I'll have to invite him up and show him some of the less crazy areas.  The weather will be much better then too.

Once we met up with MY the five of us took the subway to Itaewon and went to get some Mexican food at that restaurant I went to a few months ago.  Once again it was really delicious, but I wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I should have since my throat was starting to get really sore.

Mexican food!
After eating we wandered down to What the Book and looked around some.

And then our adventures began in earnest.

We caught a bus up to Namsam Tower and played tourist.  JD and Alexis left a lock and Casey left one for Colleen.  MY and I were going to leave one, but couldn't find one we liked, so we decided we'd come back after I've moved to Seoul and leave one.
Casey, with Namsam Tower in his hand!
JD and Alexis being their typically silly selves, and yes, Alexis is borrowing my bag.
MY and me with Myeongdong behind us.
Jump Shot!
High Five!
Casey pretending to put his lock on before he ran off and hid it somewhere...
JD and Alexis actually putting their lock up.
We took a bus from Namsam Tower down to Myeongdong.  There we wandered around and just took in the craziness for awhile.  Eventually we found a little cafe and settled down for drinks and 빙수 (bing su).  It was one of the cafes that serves coffee and alcohol so Casey and JD got a martini and a wine cocktail (respectively), while the rest of us got tea or coffee.

Casey and JD with their afternoon cocktails.
Cake and cheesecake!  Yum!
Red Bean Bing Su
Green Tea Bing Su
Bananas and nuts.
Us being ridiculously silly.
We chilled there for about an hour and then headed back to the subway station.  We traveled up to Gyeongbokgung Palace.  I have almost no pictures from then since Casey got extremely camera happy and was taking artsy shots everywhere.  So I'm just stealing some of his.  We had a good time though it was very hot and humid.

This reminds me of something...but I can't think what.
We finally got Casey in a picture.
The guys.
The girls

Wondering if Timmy is still down there.
See that Colleen and Alexis?  They'll move palaces for us.
Eventually we got tired and decided that a nice drink was in order.

A nice drink served with lots, and lots, and lots of cats.

Yes, we went back to Giocat.

Alexis and JD went gaga over all the cats, just like my sister did.  Casey loved them, but was more reserved when it came to giving them attention.  MY and I just used some toys and watched them since we're both allergic and there were no hairless cats.  The male one was locked up for some reason and the female one (that made friends with me last time) was given to a different cat cafe.

That made me sad.

The coolest stumpy legged  cat.
Alexis getting love.
JD getting attention (not that he needs it)

Casey being rather dignified
It started getting late and we started getting hungry so we found a nice Korean Barbecue place and ate lots of meat while watching part of the Olympics and just having a good time.  My voice was almost gone by then, but it didn't hurt anymore.
Korean barbecue, so yummy!
After dinner we walked around and listened to some street musicians before going to one of the many Ho Bars in Hongdae.  There we proceed to order a Set that came with drinks and food.  Casey and I got camera happy and it was so noisy I really don't remember if we talked about anything, but I do remember us playing cards.

MY photobombing JD
Our Set.
After a couple hours we decided that a 찜질방 (jjimjilbang) sounded great.  We walked down to Happy Day and found that they were renovating the woman's area so they were only serving men.  Well, Alexis and I are clearly not men so we had to find somewhere else to stay.  

MY did some hunting on his phone and he eventually found one a subway stop north in Sinchon.  The subway was closed and we had too many people for one taxi, so we decided to walk.  This lead to more adventures since JD and Casey decided to 'baptize' each other...

Casey's baptism.
Casey pointing out that JD's baptism wasn't nearly as wet.
JD begging Casey not to leave Korea.
We 'eventually' got to Sinchon Rest, which I wrote a review about here.

The next morning we were all tired, but we packed up our stuff and caught the subway to Jamsil where we at the most amazing noodle restaurant in Korea.  We ate our fill and were left very, very happy.
As you can see...
After that we just went to the DongSeoul Bus Terminal and sat in a cafe and chilled until it was time to take our bus.
Red Bean Bing Su
Fruit Bing Su
This cafe had free massage chairs.
Oh, and my voice was gone all day Sunday.  

We got back to Changwon at around 2100.  JD and Alexis caught a taxi home while Casey and I biked back.

It was a good adventure, but I was quite happy to be home and in my own bed.  

I was exhausted.

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