Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just yesterday...

It's amazing how quickly time slips by when you're not looking.

Standing at the airport with MY, wishing my sister off it felt wrong.  I couldn't believe it was really time for her to leave.  It felt like she'd just arrived.  She stayed here for over a month, and yet, it felt like no time had passed at all.

After our trip to Seoul we spent the time on the weekdays when I wasn't working just chatting or watching shows together.  I took her around Changwon several times, showed her the market and Kyobo (bookstore).  Then during her last week we went to the Hello Kitty cafe in downtown Changwon.  It was very cute.
Only picture I have, rest are on Elli's iphone.
The weekends were spent with MY.  The first two weekends he came to Changwon and the three of us grabbed dinner, played Starcraft, went to a 노래방 (singing room), watched the laser light show at the lake.

We just had a good time hanging out.  I suppose I could write more details on it, but, really, I don't feel like.

Elli's second to last week here Casey's girlfriend, Colleen was here too.  On Wednesday the three of us went out for some food and beer after work.  Then we ended up back at my apartment playing cards.  We also drank an amazing bottle of Californian wine Colleen brought over with her.  That was amazing, I've missed good wines that don't cost me an insane amount.
Casey, with an awesome expression.
Colleen, and my laundry...I didn't expect visitors.
Elli, after a beer or two...hehe
Me, being photobombed by Elli.....
Thursday and Friday it was just me at work as Casey went off to Busan with Colleen.

On Saturday Elli and I caught an early bus to Daegu.  There we met MY and went downtown.  We saw the Amazing Spider (a week before it came out in the US of A too) then went back to that delicious Japanese restaurant MY took me to the last time I was in Daegu.
Then we went by MY's family's apartment and picked up his sister.

The four of us went to Starbucks and talked and played cards for a couple hours.  Then we took her home and the three of us drove back to Changwon.

In Changwon Elli and I changed clothes in my apartment and Casey and Colleen came over.  Then the five of us headed downtown for a glorious night of Chicken, beer, 막걸리(makgeoli, rice wine), 노래방 (singing room), and lots of good times.

For details...tune in next time!

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