Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going out with a Bang

That's how Elli and Colleen spent their last Saturday in South Korea.

Casey and Colleen walked over to my apartment and all five of us drove down to Sangnam-do.  We parked in a parking lot and the guy told us to pay when we left.

The wind picked up when we got downtown and my skirt decided it wanted to play a Marilyn Monroe, so that was troublesome.

We went to our favorite chicken restaurant to have chicken and beer.  While we were eating Jessie messaged me and asked to join us.  She and Claire were invited but they weren't sure if they'd be able to make it, so I told them just to kakao me if they felt like it.  Claire wasn't feeling well so she never came.

The six of us played cards and drank lots of beer while devouring chicken.  MY barely drank though because he'd be driving later.  He's actually not big on drinking, though he likes a good beer or something every once in a while.

After we finished the chicken we went to a 막걸리 House (makgeoli, rice wine).  There we had some soup and drank yummy flavored makgeoli.  We all had a grand time playing more cards.  Elli and Colleen kept winning.

Then we moved no to a 노래방 (singing room).  There we ate ice cream, fresh fruit, dried squid and drank more beer.

At about 0100 we left and Jessie went to go drink with some Korean friends, Casey, Colleen, and Elli went to a foreigner bar to play darts, and MY and I waited awkwardly in the middle of a street for them to finish (not really).  Casey and Colleen walked Elli home about an hour or so later.

Then at about 0500 or so MY drove back to his family's house in Daegu so he could take a bus that afternoon to go back to Seoul.  Elli and I spent all of Sunday watching Cardcaptor Sakura, A Very Potter Sequel, and all sorts of funny videos on youtube.

Here are some awesome pictures from that last Saturday night:
Casey and Colleen
MY and me being silly
Phone time!
Call me, maybe?

More photos available on facebook!

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