Friday, July 20, 2012

200 Days

It's funny how things work out.

July 11th was 200 days of dating for MY and me.  So, on Friday I decided to surprise him by meeting him at the bus terminal.  I was hanging over by the bikes since he always rides one of them to my house.

Well, he was going to surprise me too and because of this he took a taxi.

So we missed each other.

After a couple minutes I called him and he got the taxi to come back and pick me up.

So, my surprise was ruined, but so was his.

He'd gotten a cute little cake and candles.  He was going to light them and then knock on my door, so when I opened it....

It was still insanely sweet though.  We ended up lighting the candles together on the floor of my room and then blew them out together.

It was super sweet of him.

Though, I think him getting off work early since his CEO and boss weren't there (two weeks before) and surprising me in Lotte at a little after 2100 was even sweeter.  I was speechless for about ten minutes, as Elli will confirm.

Really, he's the sweetest.

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