Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Rainy Saturday

So the day after MY came with the cake we spent the day relaxing.

We went to the grocery store and bought water and an amazingly delicious watermelon:

My cutting board is a little small...
The awesome watermelon carrier .
Then we chilled in my apartment as the rain started to fall.  We drank soda, ate the Parmesan goldfish that Kay-Kay sent me and the watermelon while we played Starcraft.

Then I cooked us 킴치 볶음밥 (Kimchi Fried Rice) for dinner and we played another game of Starcraft.  At about 2100 we left my apartment and caught a bus downtown.

There we wandered around until I finally located one of the foreigner bars, O'Brians.  We went there, had a beer, and played some pool.  There were some creepy Thai guys there that didn't seem to realize I was there with MY and so wasn't going to flirt with them.  Finally they left when MY told them I was with him.

Then we walked through the pouring rain and the river that used to be a street to IP's, the other main foreigner bar.  There We got another beer and chatted.  A guy I meet by randomly finding his blog (seriously, I wasn't looking for blogs on Changwon), who had just arrived in Changwon and was still in serious lost culture shock ended up meeting us there and had a beer with us while we chatted.

JD is super awesome.  He's another Florida kid and didn't even come over with a winter coat...he's going to freeze this winter, he's already worried..

At about 0130 we went outside and ate 오뎅 (fish cakes) dipped in soy sauce from a street vendor as the rain fell outside of his covered cart.  There's nothing quite like that.  It's amazing.

We all took a taxi back to Ceco, where MY and I got out while JD continued on to his own apartment.  Walking back we decided to get ice cream from a 24 hour convenience store.  We finally reach my apartment at a little after 0200.

It was an awesome evening.

Friday, July 20, 2012

200 Days

It's funny how things work out.

July 11th was 200 days of dating for MY and me.  So, on Friday I decided to surprise him by meeting him at the bus terminal.  I was hanging over by the bikes since he always rides one of them to my house.

Well, he was going to surprise me too and because of this he took a taxi.

So we missed each other.

After a couple minutes I called him and he got the taxi to come back and pick me up.

So, my surprise was ruined, but so was his.

He'd gotten a cute little cake and candles.  He was going to light them and then knock on my door, so when I opened it....

It was still insanely sweet though.  We ended up lighting the candles together on the floor of my room and then blew them out together.

It was super sweet of him.

Though, I think him getting off work early since his CEO and boss weren't there (two weeks before) and surprising me in Lotte at a little after 2100 was even sweeter.  I was speechless for about ten minutes, as Elli will confirm.

Really, he's the sweetest.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going out with a Bang

That's how Elli and Colleen spent their last Saturday in South Korea.

Casey and Colleen walked over to my apartment and all five of us drove down to Sangnam-do.  We parked in a parking lot and the guy told us to pay when we left.

The wind picked up when we got downtown and my skirt decided it wanted to play a Marilyn Monroe, so that was troublesome.

We went to our favorite chicken restaurant to have chicken and beer.  While we were eating Jessie messaged me and asked to join us.  She and Claire were invited but they weren't sure if they'd be able to make it, so I told them just to kakao me if they felt like it.  Claire wasn't feeling well so she never came.

The six of us played cards and drank lots of beer while devouring chicken.  MY barely drank though because he'd be driving later.  He's actually not big on drinking, though he likes a good beer or something every once in a while.

After we finished the chicken we went to a 막걸리 House (makgeoli, rice wine).  There we had some soup and drank yummy flavored makgeoli.  We all had a grand time playing more cards.  Elli and Colleen kept winning.

Then we moved no to a 노래방 (singing room).  There we ate ice cream, fresh fruit, dried squid and drank more beer.

At about 0100 we left and Jessie went to go drink with some Korean friends, Casey, Colleen, and Elli went to a foreigner bar to play darts, and MY and I waited awkwardly in the middle of a street for them to finish (not really).  Casey and Colleen walked Elli home about an hour or so later.

Then at about 0500 or so MY drove back to his family's house in Daegu so he could take a bus that afternoon to go back to Seoul.  Elli and I spent all of Sunday watching Cardcaptor Sakura, A Very Potter Sequel, and all sorts of funny videos on youtube.

Here are some awesome pictures from that last Saturday night:
Casey and Colleen
MY and me being silly
Phone time!
Call me, maybe?

More photos available on facebook!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just yesterday...

It's amazing how quickly time slips by when you're not looking.

Standing at the airport with MY, wishing my sister off it felt wrong.  I couldn't believe it was really time for her to leave.  It felt like she'd just arrived.  She stayed here for over a month, and yet, it felt like no time had passed at all.

After our trip to Seoul we spent the time on the weekdays when I wasn't working just chatting or watching shows together.  I took her around Changwon several times, showed her the market and Kyobo (bookstore).  Then during her last week we went to the Hello Kitty cafe in downtown Changwon.  It was very cute.
Only picture I have, rest are on Elli's iphone.
The weekends were spent with MY.  The first two weekends he came to Changwon and the three of us grabbed dinner, played Starcraft, went to a 노래방 (singing room), watched the laser light show at the lake.

We just had a good time hanging out.  I suppose I could write more details on it, but, really, I don't feel like.

Elli's second to last week here Casey's girlfriend, Colleen was here too.  On Wednesday the three of us went out for some food and beer after work.  Then we ended up back at my apartment playing cards.  We also drank an amazing bottle of Californian wine Colleen brought over with her.  That was amazing, I've missed good wines that don't cost me an insane amount.
Casey, with an awesome expression.
Colleen, and my laundry...I didn't expect visitors.
Elli, after a beer or two...hehe
Me, being photobombed by Elli.....
Thursday and Friday it was just me at work as Casey went off to Busan with Colleen.

On Saturday Elli and I caught an early bus to Daegu.  There we met MY and went downtown.  We saw the Amazing Spider (a week before it came out in the US of A too) then went back to that delicious Japanese restaurant MY took me to the last time I was in Daegu.
Then we went by MY's family's apartment and picked up his sister.

The four of us went to Starbucks and talked and played cards for a couple hours.  Then we took her home and the three of us drove back to Changwon.

In Changwon Elli and I changed clothes in my apartment and Casey and Colleen came over.  Then the five of us headed downtown for a glorious night of Chicken, beer, 막걸리(makgeoli, rice wine), 노래방 (singing room), and lots of good times.

For details...tune in next time!