Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sights of Seoul Day 2

Thursday dawned sunny, hot, and humid.  Elli and I left the guesthouse at about 1000 and wandered down to Paris Baguette to get some breakfast.

After that we took the subway to Gyeongbokgung Palace.  We got there just as they were doing the changing of the guard ceremony/show.  As far as I can tell they do it about once an hour since this isn't a working palace anymore, just a tourist attraction.
Well...it WAS sunny...
Since it was a weekday it wasn't really crowded, though Elli and I did almost get run over by a field trip.  We ended up finding a much less traveled part of the palace in our attempt to escape the 100+ children.

We found a quiet place to sit there and just sat and chatted while playing with my camera, it was very nice.
After a while we wandered the grounds some more.  During our wanderings we noticed that there was a plethora of fire extinguishers.

I suppose that after rebuilding the palace twice (once due to fire, the other due to the Japaneses), they really don't want to do it again.  But, seriously, look how close together they were!
It was like this everywhere!
This 'poor' palace is like the St. Paul's of Korealand...

We ended up finding ome more places to play with my camera...
Sorry Dad, I couldn't stop her from growing the beard...
After that we walked to 인사동 (Insadong) and enjoyed looking at the little shops and such some more.  It was much emptier on Thursday since it wasn't a weekend or national holiday.  

After picking up a little thing or two we took the subway to 명동 (Myeongdong), which is probably the craziest shopping area in all of Korealand.

It was hot, and we were hungry, so we found this cool guy selling ice cream on the street. 


He had the machines set up on the street by an alley.  It was cheap and very popular.

She got Choco-Strawberry, I got Vanilla-Green Tea.
We found a seat on some steps on the edge of a building and people watched while eating ice cream.  Even though it was a weekday afternoon this place was crazy busy, but I've seen it busier when I was there on the weekend.

After finishing our ice cream we did some shopping.  She bought a couple cute shirts and I found a skirt and a dress that I liked.  

We were both tired after that so we found a quiet coffee shop down a side street and just relaxed there for about two hours.

This proved to be very good idea due to what happened on the way back to the guesthouse.

For some reason (I blame the heat), I ended up having us get off a stop too early.  

Instead of paying again and riding the subway for just one stop, we decided to walk.  I'm really glad we did, since we saw some pretty cool things.
Prettiest sidewalk in Korealand.
Can you believe we're in one of the largest and most populous cities in the world?
Rare example of graffiti here and the most awesome random bathroom I've ever found in Korealand - it actually had toilet paper!
Tight sidewalk.
Wicked!  Elli and I saw this in London, brought back memories.
We eventually ended up back at the guesthouse.  We relaxed there for a bit, then went to grab dinner.  Elli wanted to try American food in Korealand, so we ended up going to the American Diner!

I wasn't terribly impressed.

The food was okay, but the service was not what I'd come to expect here in Korea.  It's like they tried to give service like we do in America, but it failed.  Also, the Korean waiters aren't allowed to speak Korean, even to Korean customers!


Our waitress wasn't looking too happy either, though she did smile when I spoke a little Korean, even though she couldn't and she wasn't very good at English.
Burger with onion rings (which were actually really good).
Chicken Caesar wrap, minus the Caesar dressing...
MY got to Itaewon about when we finished eating.  We met up with him then went to a bar and had a drink. We got the awesome table on the second floor balcony looking out over the busiest part of Itaewon.

Elli had a Sex on the Beach (Margret's favorite if I remember correctly), while MY and I had beer.  We just chilled there for an hour or two and played some card games.  It was really fun and relaxing.

Then MY walked us back to the guesthouse and our second day in Seoul came to a close.  It really was a good day, though it was very tiring.

Luckily, the next day we just planned to go to Hongdae and find a couple of cafes...

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