Monday, June 11, 2012

An Early Arrival

A little over a week ago MY and I were chilling at the bus stop, waiting for the bus from Incheon International Airport to arrive.  Since Elli had arrived in Korealand at about 0400 and caught the bus at about 0700.

We ended up getting there a little early, so we got a drink and ate some 오뎅 (odeng) from a little vendor and played Angry Birds on my phone.

At about a quarter after noon she arrived.

It's funny, MY spotted her before I did.  He asked, "Is that her?"  Just as she and I saw each other.

She came tearing off the bus as soon as she saw me.  I was moving rather quickly, but she was moving faster.  She got about two steps away from the bus before she dropped her backpack (with her laptop in it) on the sidewalk and gave me the biggest bear hug I have ever been on the receiving end of.

It was awesome.

Then I introduced her to MY and we grabbed her suitcase.  He insisted on pulling it.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I was like a little puppy for the next few minutes.  I'd been so happy and high on anticipation for the past couple days that I could barely contain myself.  Elli was still disoriented, but I just wanted to hug her again, I just couldn't quite believe that she was actually here.  I also wanted to help MY with the suitcase, but he wouldn't let me, said I needed to spend the time with my sister.  Comments like that made me even happier.

I don't think I was much help in getting her home, though I did remember to hand MY money for the taxi.

After a taxi ride where I rambled on about different places we drove past and grinned like an idiot we got to my apartment.

There we gave Elli water and got her settled.  Then MY and I left her to shower and the two of us went up to Lotte.

At Lotte we picked up a pizza and some snacks.  Then we went back to the apartment.  We ate pizza sitting on the floor, graciously giving MY all of our olives.

We were going to just chill and watch a movie, but Elli ended up showing us the Helicopter Game and Sushi Cat.  We pretty much spent the next couple hours playing those and talking about all sorts of things, I really don't remember what.
Sushi Cat!
We also played Go Fish and Uno.

At first Elli was rather shy around him, like she is around most people, but after watching him die horribly all the time on the Helicopter Game she loosened up and wasn't shy.

MY caught a bus to Seoul at 1730 since he figured Elli and I would want time alone.

After he left she and I chilled in the apartment for a little while, then we went down to E-mart to buy her a towel and some BB cream for her face.

I think the bus ride was an adventure for her, we had to stand the whole way.

The next day we went down to City 7 and she got her hair cut.
So cute!
Then we grabbed some 김밥(gimbap) for lunch and went on home.  We stayed at home the rest of the day.

On Monday we ran to the store to buy water before I had to go to work.  She walked with me to work and then went to read in a coffee shop for a little bit before going home.  After work she met me at CNS and we walked home together.

On Tuesday we went to Sangnam-do and I got a new phone battery (since the previous one decided that water didn't agree with it) and we bought her a couple cute hair things.  Then we went to Lotte and ate 짜장면 (jjajangmyeon - black noodles) in the food court there.  She liked them a lot.

Then she went home and rested while I went to work.

That evening we packed and at 0700 the next morning we were on our way to Seoul.

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