Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teacher's Day

Tuesday was Teacher's Day here in Korealand.  Apparently, May 8th was Teacher's day in the US of A.

I don't really remember Teacher's Day being a big deal in the US of A.  Correct me if I'm wrong Laura, Aunt Marcie, and Aunt Sandy. (If any of ya'll read this, that is)

Here though, it's a fairly big deal.

At least when it comes to food.

We were given:

1. Krispy Kreme Donuts
2. 쿠쿠후두 (kokohodo) - These walnut pastries with bean paste filling - addictive.
3. Gourmet Peach juice
4. Fake roses
5. Cream puffs
6. Paris Baguette cookies
7. Gourmet Dok (rice cakes) with jelly on them
8. Homemade Dok
9. Toblerones
10. A cute card
11. A Starbucks gift card - which I shall use for tea, not coffee, I know, scandalous!

I haven't had coffee in over a month, unless you count one sip of MY's coffee once...which I don't.

I have to say, I like Teacher's Day here in Korealand.

My rose

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