Thursday, May 31, 2012

Holiday Weekend

So, this past weekend was a three-day weekend both here in Korealand and in the US of A.

In the US of A Monday was Memorial Day and my family spent the weekend at the beach in a combined family reunion and 80th birthday for my maternal grandfather.

In Korealand Monday was Buddha's Birthday and I spent the weekend not doing much of anything.

Originally I was going to travel to Jeon-ju with MY and see his friend SH and his girlfriend GE.  But, due to my unfortunate illness and the doctor's orders to rest we canceled our plans and MY came to Changwon instead.

We spent the weekend whispering and playing Starcraft.  He also made sure I ate well and he used his car to help me bring groceries back to my house.  I've been so long without a car that it feels sinful to use a car to go somewhere.  He then left to go back to his family in Daegu Sunday night and so I spent Monday watching things on Netflix and playing Dragon Age.  While he spent Monday taking a five hour bus ride back to Seoul, courtesy of all the crazy traffic.

Due to all the rest I now have my voice back, though it's still a little hoarse.

It was a good weekend, though it didn't go as originally planned.

Hopefully this next weekend will go as planned.

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