Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Visiting the Hospital

Now, don't freak out that I went to the hospital, that's just what people do here.  There are very few clinics and most of them are cost more than the hospital and sometimes aren't as good.  Most people go to the hospital when they need to see a doctor.

Now, last weekend (March 24-25) I was in Seoul.  Saturday night my stomach was rather unhappy with me, but I thought it was the Mexican food I had for lunch in Itaewon (which was really yummy, but still not as good as Old Mexico in Niceville), so I didn't think worry about it.

On Sunday I got a really bad headache on the bus ride back to Changwon, along with an upset stomach.  I figured the upset stomach was due to the headache, which was due to the bus (I get carsick every once in a while).

On Monday I felt fine in the morning and went off to work.  While at work my stomach and head rebelled and I was in pain to the point of almost tears several times.  Me, being stupid and stubborn when I get sick, did not tell anyone.  I just taught my classes and at the end of the day asked Jessie if I had a fever because I felt like I had one.  As soon as I got home I crashed and went to sleep.  I decided that if I still felt ill in the morning I would go to the hospital.

On Tuesday I woke up feeling okay.  I figured it was just a twenty-four bug and ate my breakfast and went off to work like normal.  Just the walk to work exhausted me though and I was running a fever, getting a headache, and feeling kind of loopy.  Claire and Jessie saw me and expressed concern, but I waved it off, saying I could still teach and that I'd go to the hospital after work.  Then Esther came in to tell Casey and me about a new student and when she sat down to talk she noticed that I didn't look well.

She asked if I was feeling okay.

I said that I didn't think so.

She asked if I had gone to the hospital.

When I said no she spoke in Korean to Jessie really fast, then delegated my schedule to my co-workers, before she and Donald whisked me off to the hospital.

There we went to one counter and got a number, then when they called us we paid the hospital bill.  A whopping 7, 600 (about $6).  Then we went up the slowest escalator in the world to another area where we were told the wait was an hour and a half.  Esther had to go back to CNS to meet with a parent, but she left me with Donald to keep me company.

I sat there for an hour and half in a daze of pain and made small talk with Donald about CNS, Korea, and the Philippines.  I really don't know what we talked about, I was out of it.

Finally my name was up and I got to see the doctor.  He spoke pretty good English and I told him my symptoms.  He felt around on my stomach like doctors in the US of A do all the time and then Esther showed up while he was explaining what he thought I had.

All my symptoms pointed to acute gastritis he said.  I ended up going to get a shot that cost 800 ($0.50) and a bunch of pills for five days.

We had to go down the street to the pharmacy where the medicine cost 4,500 ($4).  I got these little packets:

Three pills for lunchtime and four for breakfast and dinner.
One of the pills in each packet was a prescription strength Tylenol, which I didn't realize until the last day.

I then got taken back to work, where I packed up my laptop and went home.  I stopped by Lotte and bought bread and crackers.  After that I'm not quite sure how I got home.  As soon as I got home I messaged MY to say I was sick and at home, then I fell asleep for four hours.

Woke up for two hours, ate some bread, took some pills, replied to MY to let him know I was okay (he was in Indonesia all week for work and was worried about me), then I went to sleep again.

I spent most of the rest of the week eating jelly, toast, crackers, and cereal.

I did go back to work on Wednesday and did pretty well.  Probably not my best lessons, but I'm sure the students still learned something.

I actually went all week without drinking coffee.  So, for the first time in.....five years?  four years?  Whatever it is...I haven't had coffee in a week.

The result of this lack of coffee is the fact that I'm now getting sleepy at around 11pm, I'm in bed by midnight and awake by about 8am.

That's very weird to me, the night owl, but it's working, so I'll try and keep it going.

My stomach is feeling much better now, though I'm still being careful what I put into it.  I'm sure I'll be fully back to normal by the end of this weekend.

So, now that I'm over this illness I just need to hope that I make it through the Yellow Dust without getting sick again.

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  1. glad you're feeling better :) Susan