Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scariest Steps in the World

Here's the rest of my weekend adventure in Geoje Island.

Sorry for the delay, I've been a little under the weather, but more about that in another post.

Sunday morning came with a cool breeze and lots of clouds.  Our rooms got really hot overnight so we had the balcony door open while we were all getting ready.  Nothing quite like a cold sea breeze to wake you up.

The little tourist village we were in.
These pictures just don't do the place justice.
The pension next to ours.
After we were all up we proceeded to eat more.  We finished up almost all of our food from the night before in a series of mini-feasts.
Snacks - I introduced them to the amazingness that is Goldfish.
Kimchi Stew
Ramen with the rest of our mushrooms.
Last of the sausages.
After the feasting we packed up, brushed our teeth and got out of there after MY and I finished the dishes.

We left the pension after saying goodbye to their adorable dog.  This guy only paid attention to GE and me, he had no use for the guys, hehe.

We ended up stopping at the main beach in the village.  It was a very nice beach, but a little different from the beaches in Destin...
What's the difference?
So pretty...
Need a pebble?

After spending a bit of time at the beach we hopped back in the car and went driving along the coast.  We were looking for a supposed tourist attraction spot of some sort.  We thought we found it when the road ended, but all we found were some stray cats. head...
A helpful local though directed us down a road and up a hill.  They said it was about a fourteen minute walk.

It was a steep hill and GE was in heels, but we figured that it couldn't be too bad if it was only fourteen minutes, so off we went.

We climbed the really steep hill and found ourselves at another pension.  Back behind the pension was another path.  Before heading up the second, rather steep, hill I took a gorgeous shot of the cove.
So pretty, though cloudy.
We kept climbing until we had definitely passed the fourteen minute mark.  Every time we saw a turn and though we got to the top we'd arrive to only see that it went farther up.
It never ended...
Eventually though we reached the top.  Thinking that this was the special tourist place, we looked around only to find grass, a graveyard, and another path.

We took the path through the graveyard and found a delightful staircase.  A staircase entirely cast in shadows and made of uneven stones just stuck together.  Stones that were quite wet from the recent rain.
There were parts where I wouldn't even call them stairs anymore, it was more like a slide.  I don't know how GE did it in heels.  I know she spent most of the time holding on to SH's hand.  I spent most of the time holding MY's hand.  My converse are very nice, but they have almost no grip on wet stones.  I slipped a couple of times.

Somehow we all made it to the bottom.

There we found a farm.  A flower farm.

Continuing through the farm we finally found the tourist spot.

A beautiful beach.

Lone fishermen.
I think we just sat there in silence for about ten minutes, trying to build up the strength to go back to the car.

Eventually we headed back and I really have no clue how I got back up those crazy stairs and down that steep hill.  Sheer force of will I guess.

I did get an awesome shot of the cove again when we came back.  You can see the difference in the weather.
Pretty and pretty sunny too.
When we got back to the car we drowned ourselves in gatorade and water.  We also ate some of our leftover snacks.

We went to the Geoje Island Shipbuilding Museum next.
Supposed to look like a ship.
Lots of interesting things there, though most of the modern stuff didn't interest me.  I much preferred the historical sections.

I think Apple Jack or some of my engineering family members would find it fascinating though.  All the displays were in Korean and English, so no problem understanding things.

After the museum we went back to the main town and chilled at Mr. Pizza for a couple hours.  Just talking over pizza and sodas.  My fourth time having pizza since coming to Korea.

After that we ran by ATMs and MY and I paid our share of the food and board costs from the weekend.

Total cost: 280,000
Cost for MY and me: 140,000

We split the cost and I think that for everything we did that weekend and how much fun we had that was a very reasonable cost.

Next weekend we're going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae with Casey, Claire, and Jesse.  Well, that's the plan right now.  Who knows if it will stay that way, plans can change fast here.

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