Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Run for the hills!  It lives!!!

Or, rather, it did.

In the past two months a 'creature' descended upon my apartment.  It liked to reside in the corner above the window in my kitchen, right where I couldn't get to it.

Apparently it liked the fact that the sun couldn't reach there.  It also liked the fact that the rice cooker was on the windowsill underneath.  This of course created a dark and moist environment just perfect for such a despicable creature.

It didn't matter that I only closed my bathroom window when I was actually in the shower.  It didn't matter that I ran the hood fan whenever I cooked.

It just kept growing.

Getting larger and larger.

So, I finally admitted defeat.

I gave in and talked to my Director.

She talked to my landlord and he came by on Sunday morning to defeat the icky creature.

He came armed with a stool, a bucket, rags, bleach, and new wallpaper.

Through his bravery and dedication the evil creature was defeated.

Humans: 1
Mold: 0

Before the Battle
During the Battle
After the Battle
The war may not be over.

After all, who knows if the creature has family with a thirst for revenge?

Be that as it may, by the time it can get reorganized and return I should be gone.

If not, then I'll just have to make sure we win the rematch.

I don't like to lose.