Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cutting a Hair

I'm not really big on beauty treatments and such, nor am I extremely vain, but there is one part of me that I'm rather particular about: My hair.

I suppose I'm so particular about it because for most of my life I didn't have much control of it.  My mother wanted it as long as it could be.  Even though she said I could cut it once I was ten, she always made me feel guilty about wanting to cut it, so I still felt like I had no control.

At sixteen I finally gained control of it and got fourteen inches cut off and donated to Locks of Love.  My hair was still halfway down my back after that though, so to most people it was still long.

After that point I went through a lot of experimenting with my hair in terms of styles and lengths.  Back in Florida I only ever went to the Ritz Salon in Bluewater Bay to have my hair done.

First few times it was done I had it done it was okay, but was never quite the way I really wanted it.  About four years ago I started seeing a different lady and she did a great job, it was never exactly what I wanted, but was about as close as I thought it could get.

I was wanting to grow my hair out a bit so I didn't get it cut again before I came to Korealand.  Then, once I got here, I realized that yes, Asian hair is different than European hair and not every hair salon has someone that knows how to work with European hair.

This made me rather nervous about getting a haircut here, which wasn't helped by the fact that there would still be a language barrier.

Thing is though, my hair finally got to the point that I was going crazy, it needed to be taken care of or I was going to go insane.

So I asked on the Changwon Facebook group for suggestions and got a few, but most were over in Masan or somewhere downtown, but no one could give me an address and I wasn't looking forward to wandering around blindly and hoping I would find the right place.

Then the other day I was making small talk about this with Casey and he mentioned that one of Michael B's friends goes to Frank Provost and that they have someone that speaks English and knows how to cut European hair.

So I wandered on over there today and decided to check it out.

They took this
And gave me this
And the side view
And, no, I did not color my hair, that's just the lighting.  I've never colored my hair and I never plan to, I like my dirty blonde quite a bit.

So, I got the awesome style and cut for ₩ 20,000, which is a little less than $20, oh, and no tip.  Compare that to the $30 to $35 I'd spend at the Ritz Salon.  And, this is the closest my hair has ever gotten to the image in my head - astounding!
Quite awesome I think, quite, quite awesome.
So, I highly recommend Frank Provost at City 7.

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