Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Market Visit

I went to the market again this past Saturday with MY. 

It wasn’t quite as smelly or overwhelming as it was the first time I went. 

I use the word smelly because there’s no other word good enough to describe the mix of smells given off by raw fish, raw meat, produce, kimchi ( ), Korean food cooking, and people. 

Not that it smelled bad, it’s just a little overwhelming when you’re used to only smelling wet plant life and the sea breeze outside.  I’m sure the fact that it wasn’t as smelly is due to a mix between the cold weather and the fact that I’ve gotten used to all of those smells individually now, so being assaulted by all of them at once doesn’t overwhelm me anymore.

MY and I wandered around looking for a while. 

This lady did a double take when she realized I was a foreigner with a Korean guy.  We get that a lot.
We tried these pork patty things that reminded me of Salisbury steak, which was awesome.  Then we wandered around some more before going in to sample more food.

We ended up getting some more food at the same place Casey and I went to the first time we went to the market (that feels like ages and ages ago, though it was only a couple of months, wow).  We ate Kimchi-Jeon (  ), which is the same thing I had last time with Casey, we just had no clue what it was last time.  Oh, how just a couple months can change so many things…

Table Casey and I sat at last time.

Wandered around a bit more and saw a vendor selling several cows.

Cows in pieces that is...
Then MY and I got street odeng ( ) on a stick.  It’s really yummy.  is the Korean style of fish cakes.  I always keep some in my fridge and add it to my ramen ( ).  It makes the ramen more filling and gives me some good protein.

Near the end we encountered some people dressed in traditional Korean clothes and playing traditional Korean instruments.  A little noisy, but very nice.

They were doing it just because they could.  That's awesome.
All in all it was a good Saturday. 

I’m glad I got a chance to go to the market again now that I’m finally settled in to Korea.  It made the experience much different.

Part of that though might have been because I was there with MY and not Casey, which made ordering food a million times easier.  


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    1. Yep, you should've seen the size of the livers, didn't get a picture of those.

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    1. lol, thank you, my spelling is atrocious. Doesn't matter if it's English or Korean.