Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Water Dragon

Happy New Year!

That is, Happy Lunar New Year.  

If you didn't know, according to the Chinese zodiac the years come in cycles of twelve.

Year of the Rat - 2008
Year of the Ox - 2009
Year of the Tiger - 2010
Year of the Rabbit - 2011
Year of the Dragon - 2012
Year of the Snake - 2001
Year of the Horse - 2002
Year of the Goat - 2003
Year of the Monkey - 2004
Year of the Rooster - 2005
Year of the Dog - 2006
Year of the Pig - 2007

I sent out some Lunar New Year Cards to people in the states.  I don't know how many will get there, or when.  I do know the one to my grandparents, sister, dad, and aunt have arrived.  If you get one then let me know, I really have no clue how reliable the mail system is, though it was insanely cheap.

Some of the Cards

I'm off work right now.  We have Monday (23rd) and Tuesday (24th) off for the holiday.  It's so nice to have extra days off.

I spent the weekend with MY, but he and every other Korean I know are with their families now, so I'm spending time alone.  Looks like a good time to feed my need to play some computer games or do some writing.  Basically I'm just going to be lazy.

Hope all of ya'll have a great Year of the Dragon!  For myself and several other people I know - this is our year, as we were born in 1988!

Go 88ers!

Gift from Esther and Donald for the Lunar New Year.


  1. Kristen and I got ours this past week.

    And yes, 1988 was an excellent year. Everyone else hangs their head in shame.

    1. Glad you got them! :)

      So you say Kristen hangs her head in shame?