Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Immersion

Alright, my blog has gotten a little off track lately.  I blame the holidays, cold weather, and an assortment of other things.

Some people have noticed that I'm not on Skype as much right now.  There's a good reason for that - I've been extremely busy.

Last week I had no computer and over the weekend I was either socializing (Friday and Saturday) or spending the time being an anti-social hermit playing the Sims 3 (Sunday).

If you really want to get a hold of me then send an email or download kakao on your smartphone and make an account.  If I have your number in my phone or you let me know then your name will appear on my friends list and I can text you that way.  So far Laura, Elinore, and Nicole have done this and I think that's awesome.

Another reason I've been so busy is because during the month of January we have something called Winter Immersion.  Students here in Korea are on their winter break now and so have lots of free time.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we offer additional grammar classes taught by Jessie and Claire throughout the day.

On Monday through Thursday Casey and I teach an additional class from 1300 to 1430.  We teach two lessons a week to two different groups of students.

These classes are fun but they require a lot of prep work (some of them do at least).  Last week they made gingerbread houses and Casey and I stayed really late (almost 2300) on Tuesday and Wednesday night going shopping and making frosting.  The kids loved it though:




Casey's and Mine



Group Effort
Don't they look yummy?  I've been slowly eating mine and so has Casey (eating his, not mine, I mean).

That project was from last Wednesday and Thursday.

Yesterday and Today we did arts and crafts.  The students made Angry Bird masks (they LOVE Angry Birds here) and some finger puppets.


Tuesday (Pirate is Casey's)
As you can see Casey is extremely talented when it comes to arts and crafts.  Really, he's the brains of these little arts and crafts endeavors.

The Angry Bird masks are the same ones as seen here.  Just add in a yellow and blue bird too.

Like so:
Casey is the pig with the awesome pirate puppet.
I actually really like this Winter Immersion stuff.  I'm staying much busier at work and so have less time where I just sit and stare at my computer while trying to look busy.  Thing is, business here seems to come in spurts. I wish it was a little more steady, but it could be worse.

Two other things also made the last two weeks busy:  Speech Contest and Open Market.  I'll get to those in a later post.  They're just too epic not to get their own entry.

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