Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Open Market

All throughout the year the teachers here at CNS give out and take away points to the students.  These points are given and taken based on the students’ behavior and participation in class, as well as other little random things.

It’s basically our system for giving out punishment and rewards.

Well, after the students spend all year collecting as many points as they can earn they finally get to spend them.  At the end of December every year CNS holds an Open Market.

Beautiful archway Sophie and I made

Our little Christmas Tree!

Esther and Jesse before the chaos occurs
It’s where we sell food, drink, toys, random things, and stationary to the students for their points.
This year the cheapest thing was a Hershey Kiss for 10 points.

The most expensive thing was a stuffed Angry Bird for 1,500 points.  We had three of those (red, black, and yellow) and we sold two of them (red and yellow). 

Here are pictures of the tables of goodies for sale:



More Stuff!

All the Stuff!
Casey and I were also in charge of some English games in an extra classroom for the friends and siblings of our students.  These games served a dual purpose:  They advertised how we taught and also gave the visiting children a chance to earn a few points to buy maybe one or two small things – just enough to make them want more.

Rather sneaky I thought, but it makes sense.

Here’s a couple images of the games Casey designed.  I’m being honest when I say he was the mastermind behind this part.  We were told about it the day before and in the span of thirty minutes he came up with all of this and implemented it.  I just cut out the pictures and glued them to the different colored paper.

The Name the Picture Game

The English Speaking Countries Game
We only did the games for about half an hour.  The rest of the day was spent in minor chaos as students ate, bought, talked, watched a movie, and just had fun.

Images of the chaos:

Chaos at the beginning of the event. 
Amid the chaos with our student helpers

So many students!

Pure chaos!  Oh, and my snowman!

Chaos in the middle of the event.

Claire and Joseph

What happens when I let one of my middle school students play with the camera.
Semi-chaos as students slowly leave
We finished up at about 1730 and then spent half an hour taking down the decorations and making the school look normal again.  At about 1820 the bus came back from taking the students home and we took it downtown to a buffet restaurant Esther and Donald like.

The bus driver joined us for the dinner.  He’s a middle aged manly man.  Now, I’ve never been comfortable around manly men, I just don’t get them.  This made sitting next to an unknown manly man that only spoke Korean even more uncomfortable. 

The food was good, though it was odd to see cereal and milk right across from caviar, marshmallows next to nachos, and five different types of odd punches next to six different types of Chinese noodles.  The meat and sushi were amazing though.  I liked the different soups and the (kimchi) selection was awesome, though no cucumber kimchi…that made me sad.

After the somewhat awkward but tremendously delicious dinner we all left.  Esther and Donald were going to take us all back to City 7 (we were downtown), but we all sneakily said we were going to Kyobo (big bookstore chain), which was in the basement of the building we ate in.  I’m not sure if Esther and Donald believed us entirely (probably not), but it would’ve been rude to say we wanted to go out and drink and such considering their personal beliefs about that.

We chilled in the bookstore for about thirty minutes and then headed to an imported beer place.  It cost ₩9,000 ($8) for a glass of beer from the tap.  That’s insane here in Korealand.  But, the beer was better than normal, so I guess it was worth paying for once in a blue moon. 

Here’s the only picture in existence of Claire, Jesse, Casey, and myself all together.  We got the waiter to take it and I think it turned out pretty well.

Sporting our awesome headbands!
While there MY showed up so Claire, Jesse, and Casey got to meet him.  Jesse and Claire drilled him in Korean (which was the most Korean I’d ever heard him speak) and found him to be a good guy and acceptable.  Not that I needed their approval, it was just nice to hear my thoughts on him confirmed.

All of us went to a노래 (Noraebang) and at one point Jesse was singing a song in Korean I hear all the time and the rest of us were up there dancing to it in a mix of swing and ballroom dancing.  It was just a lot of fun. 

After that we all said goodnight.  For all intents and purposes that was my New Year’s Eve since I spent the actual day of New Year’s Eve being extremely lazy and mellow (played computer games and other indoor antisocial things).

It was a crazy, crazy day, but a lot of fun.  

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