Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Egg Rice and Tofu

I cooked again.  Not that I haven't been cooking since my last cooking post, it's just that I haven't caught it on camera or done something a little out of the ordinary.  Though I did make Chicken Picatta over Christmas weekend - that turned out pretty awesome, though I think my dad's is better.

I really need to run by the bank, as I have almost no cash in my wallet (less than ₩5,000), but my fridge and cupboards are full so finding dinner was no problem.

I just threw some rice in the rice cooker, grabbed my trusty purple frying pan, and started cooking.

First came the onion and garlic (staples in my cooking):
Less garlic this time, I think I'll add more again next time though.

Onions, Green Onions, and Garlic

Firm tofu, Basil, Black Pepper and Chili Powder

Three Eggs added to Seasoned Tofu

Eggs tossed into Onions and Garlic

Eggs are pretty much cooked.

Pretty White Rice!

My Egg Rice and Tofu with my customary Kimchi side dish.  
And there you go, my lovely attempt at cooking.  It was quite tasty, though it isn't much to look at.

I'm getting experimental in my cooking here, but not too experimental.

This is for several reasons:

  • Most of the spices I'm used to aren't available here, so that limits me some.  
  • Also, I'm trying to stick to fresh or basic canned ingredients (corn and tuna mainly).  
    • Partly due to the fact I can't read the instructions on the other things, but also because it's healthier.
  • Add this to the fact that I'm trying to use mainly local ingredients and meat is expensive (so I stick to eggs and tofu most of the time, though the price of pork isn't too bad...).  
The food was very tasty, though I did add a little bit of salt when I served it.  I have enough for dinner tomorrow and possibly even Thursday as well.  Then on Friday it's Mexican for dinner, so I'm all set for the week. 

I'll probably make some Epic Ramyun on Saturday if I'm at home.  If I do that I'll try and take pictures to document how to make Epic Ramyun.

Have a good day!

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