Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December Speech Contest

Ah, life’s been so busy!  I just haven’t had time to sit down and write! 

Before I get in to what’s going on right now, let me go back and talk about the Friday before Christmas and what we did here at CNS on that day.

It was a glorious event that I’d been preparing the students for since the beginning of November.

What do you ask was so important?

Why, the semi-annual Speech Contest of course!

For almost six weeks I did very little lesson planning, instead I went over speeches, made corrections and suggestions, and then helped them make improvements, practice, and memorize. 

It was…interesting.

At the time I was about to go crazy, but now I look back upon it fondly, and I’m sort of looking forward to the next Speech Contest, which is in April or May (not sure exactly). 

After all the preparation I did with the students my job on the actual day of the Speech Contest was actually fairly easy – I just had to give out scores with Claire and Jesse.

It was poor Casey that had to do all the work.

This little event took all day.  We had no classes and just did this instead.  It was a long day.

He was handed the microphone and told to be the Host. 

He did so well that he was asked to do it again this past weekend during our promotional event (more on that later). 

He’s definitely better at public speaking than I am (or at least he fakes it better), so I’m rather glad that my duties as the Speaking teacher make me do all the work beforehand.

Here are some pictures of the event, along with Casey’s awesome Hosting abilities (No, Elinore and Nicole, not the Hosting you’re thinking about).

Getting Set up

Me being artistic and killing time

Students waiting somewhat patiently

Claire corralling "The Boys"

Casey leading the first debate

Casey asking the audience questions, and me looking rather serious

There are the pictures; next entry I promise will be about the even crazier Friday before New Year’s and then I’ll be pretty up to date (still lots more to tell though).


  1. Caitlin,

    I think you meant to say semi-annual (every 6 months), not bi-annual (every 2 years).

    Aunt Marcie

  2. Haha. I love your Aunt Marcie.
    Are your classes really that large? Or was it just for this event?
    I teach anywhere from 1 to 8 students per class.