Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Singing Like a Boss

Or rather: Singing With the Boss.

Last Friday wasn't the best day at work.  I was fighting the beginning of a cold and forgot to grab food on my way to work, so I planned to run down to Family Mart and grab something on my break.

This didn't happen because the Director, Esther, came in to explain the new class schedule starting this week and since she talks like a Booth this took pretty much my entire break time.  She also said we'll all go to the Noraebang once Claire and Jesse had finished calling parents about the schedule changes.

So 2000 rolls around and I'm super hungry, but figure I can wait an hour since Claire and Jesse are starting in on the phone calls.

At 2015 Esther has them stop their calls and come into her office to talk.  They finally emerge at 2100 and I'm beginning to feel dizzy from a hunger headache (all I'd had so far was cereal, yogurt, and coffee).

I can't leave to go get something, that would be rude since Esther and Donald were also going to treat us to dinner.  So I sit chatting with people online and reading Cracked.

By the time 2130 comes I'm completely miserable.  I'm starving, my nose is so clogged I can barely breathe, my head hurts, my eyes are sore from staring at the computer screen for so long, and the last thing I feel like doing is being social and singing.

But then 2145 rolls around and Donald wanders in carrying McDonalds.  I'm not normally big on fast food.  After working in it for a year I ate more than my fill and usually find it rather unsatisfying.

That evening it was the exact opposite.  After a spicy chicken sandwich, some greasy fries, and a cold coke I felt like a new human being.

The food of course cured my hunger, the spiciness cleared my sinuses, the caffeine saved me from the headache, looking at people and eyedrops saved my eyes, and no longer does singing and being social feel like a chore.

Off we went to the Noraebang here at City 7.  Esther never sang, but Donald's voice was amazing.  We spent an hour and a half there and it was my first time at a Noraebang without any food or drink.  That was just fine, but it made it all feel rather solemn, especially because Donald kept singing slow songs, which he sang wonderfully, but still....

We left there at about 2330 and it was pouring rain.  Esther and Donald went off to get umbrellas from the office and the rest of us decided to go downtown.

I was tired, but having a good time, so it was perfectly fine with me.  Plus it would've felt a little depressing to go home in the rain after that Noraebang session.

Casey made a run to his apartment to drop off his bag and get his umbrella while Jesse, Claire, and I all huddled under my tiny umbrella and made our way to my apartment.

We grabbed my large umbrella, dropped off my laptop, and then went and met up with Casey.  The four of us proceeded to take a taxi downtown and wandered around in the rain while Jesse looked for a certain restaurant.

She couldn't find it so Claire took control and led us to this amazing place on the tenth floor of a building.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because I left my camera at home.  I'll be sure to take some if we go there again.

To sit down there you take off your shoes in the walkway and climb up onto a platform, where you sit in a legless chair and put your feet down inside of a hole under the table.  While there we drank soju and warm sake.

We were all having a good time but our night got cut short when Jesse had a bad reaction to the alcohol.  We ended up having to take her home after she worshiped the Porcelain God.

That was an adventure because none of us knew her address and her husband wasn't answering his phone.  She eventually managed to tell Claire her address and we got to the right apartment complex and then her husband answered his phone and came down to meet us.

Claire, Casey, and I walked back to City 7.  There Claire and I parted ways with Casey.  We were hungry and went to McDonalds where I introduced Claire to the concept of eating something hot and greasy after drinking.  She'd never had an Egg Mcmuffin before.

I finally ended up back at home a little after 0500.  I promptly went to sleep and was quite glad that it was a Saturday.

As an aside:  It's come to my attention that not just my family read this blog.  Apparently a group of Bunko ladies from Niceville are stalking me and then discussing my adventures on the first Thursday of every month when they get together, eat good food, drink wine, and roll dice.  Well, I have to say, I'm happy ya'll are enjoying my adventures so much.  Just don't think too badly of me when you read that I don't get home until the next morning sometime, that goes for my family too.  I'm young, single, and an expat, but I do always make sure I'm safe and in good company.

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  1. Niceville, Florida - English teacher work hours are 0645 to 1415. Add 8 hours and that becomes 2215 at home to sleep.

    Seongsan-gu, Korea - English teacher work hours are 1300 to 2100. Add 8 hours and that becomes 0500 at home to sleep.

    Seems completely reasonable to me, especially for SWF experiencing life in a foreign country with friends, both locals and expats.

    Aunt Marcie