Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Point

I've known since I got here that I'd eventually reach this point.

The excitement of being in a new place with a new culture would wear off and I'd begin settling into an everyday routine.

This happens to most people somewhere between their second or third month.  Mine hit this past Saturday.

I had nothing planned all day and woke up too late to do something with my sister on Skype.

I was making my coffee in my chilly kitchen as the sunlight poured in through the window and I was hit with the overpowering feeling of missing my family.

I wouldn't call it homesickness, since I don't really miss Florida.  Rather, it was peoplesickness.  I missed my family and friends back in Niceville.  I missed coming home to someone and having weekly game nights with my friends.  I missed walking through my neighborhood and knowing almost everyone, most by name, a few by sight alone.

It's not a crippling sickness, it's just there.

I'm a naturally independent person, so being alone doesn't bother me, but I do enjoy being around people.  I've met some amazing people here in Korea, people I can see being friends with for years, if not forever.  But right now I've only known them for a month or two and so they can't fill the void left by family or the friends I've known for years.

To combat this peoplesickness I got dressed and did one of my favorite things - walking.  I went walking through the neighborhood to the north of me that I haven't seen before and then I took a bike downtown.  There I walked around some more and chilled in a coffee shop for a little bit.  I sat there, watching people and writing a little.  It was relaxing.  Then I took a bike back home and went to bed, utterly exhausted from walking or biking for five hours straight.

I slept for thirteen hours and felt much better when I woke up on Sunday.

Sunday was gorgeous:

I ended up biking down to Homeplus, then decided to go explore Masan.  Caught a bus to downtown Masan, where I explored the underground shopping mall.

While down there Kay-Kay and Apple Jack called me on Skype.  At that point I wondered if I was maybe TOO connected to the internet...

I was in an underground shopping mall, in South Korea, and they called me from their computer room in Florida.  Too spooky, but slightly cool.

Michael B. also messaged me and we ended up going to grab some Japanese Eudong.

It was delicious:

Then I wandered on home and had a quiet night in.  My peoplesickness is now virtually cured and I'm ready to face another week at work.

I knew I'd eventually get hit with peoplesickness, since it afflicts almost everyone once they leave home, especially for the first time.

Other than that life has been wonderful and I'm really glad to be in South Korea.  It's truly an awesome place and I've gotten to know some really great people here.

I originally wasn't going to mention the peoplesickness, but felt like I should since it is part of my Korean experience and there's nothing wrong with it.  It just shows that I'm a human being and that I love my family and friends back home.

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