Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Ol' CNS

Here at CNS we work really, really hard.

Every day is a struggle to get through.

We put our all into every single second we're at this school.

It takes a lot of effort to control students

Only through careful drawings can we illustrate a complicated point

Stopping to eat is an unfortunate, but necessary thing

Showing the students your perfect Angry Bird score is teaching them American culture

See, we work so hard that the kindergarteners try and hide in fear

Too much working will result in the loss of sanity

The insanity spreads and Claire finds herself afflicted

Even I end up giving in to the Red Bird disease

Trying to embrace a more metrosexual lifestyle and cure his Angry Bird Insanity, Casey applies nail polish 

Claire saves herself from the Angry Bird Insanity by reapplying nail polish

Claire decides to encourage student interest in vocabulary by putting glitter on the picture dictionary

At the end of the day we collapse in exhaustion, happy to have worked so hard, but dreading the thought of going through all the pain and suffering again.

But, like any good teacher, we do what we must for the students.

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