Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Surprises

The morning of Christmas Eve here in Changwon, South Korea dawned with bright blue skys and a biting cold wind.  The streams wer coated in ice and the people bundled from head to toe.

About five hours north of us sat Seoul, a city full of souls all covered in snow.  They got a white Christmas, it's true, but I bet my Christmas was much prettier, even without the snow.

I spent the morning relaxing on my bed, chatting with my sister on Skype, and watching an anime show with her.  It was a great way to spend the morning of Christmas Eve.

Along about mid-afternoon I wandered down to the bus terminal and met my date.  We went on some nice walks, ate italian food, had Christmas cake, and I taught him how to play the card game Speed.

Christmas Day also dawned bright and cheery.  I saw him again, we ate, window shopped, and talked quite a bit.  Then I saw him off and went home to fiddle with my computer, which decided to break sometime between when I finished talking with Elinore on Christmas Eve morning and the afternoon of Christmas Day.

After I gave up on the computer (I got frustrated you see), I made sure I had more backups of my files and then I started to catch up on my reading. 

While working on my computer my phone dinged.  I think it's just junkmail, because that's all I tend to recieve around 1700 in terms of email.  Everyone in the states is sound asleep you see and everyone here sends me messages on texts or through kakao.

I unlock my phone and open up my email, only to see a surprise.  A message from Z tittled "Hello Stranger".  I wonder if he just decided to send me a little Christmas note or something, since we hadn't talked in almost two months and then we agreed to not talk for a year (minimum).  I did send him a message on twitter (because I unfriended him on Skype, Facebook, and almost everything else and didn't want to send an email, where I might be tempted to get too wordy) a little over a week ago.  The reason for this is because we agreed to let each other know when we started dating again (when we broke up we agreed to this). 

I sent:
Just fyi. So you hear it from me, I am moving on. Merry Christmas, hope you're having fun in Utah.
I know it may've been a little abrupt, but really, how are you supposed to talk to the person you dated for almost five years after you break up?  I don't think it was rude though, and it certainly didn't warrant the response I got.  Really, I expected no response, so thought nothing else about him or the message until around 1700 on Christmas Day.

Summary of his message to me:
Some things about the message I sent.

Some really nasty words.

Some compliments.
And a really backhanded compliment. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
If he expected this message to hurt me, it failed.  It really, truly failed.  I was more shocked than anything.  Shocked that he would write it and shocked that he would send it at the time he did.  He's smart, he knows what time and day it was for me when he sent that.  I tried to go through this breakup without saying anything negative about him at all.  I always said the breakup was mutual and that we had just grown apart over the years.  We'd been crossing paths without really meeting.

The closest I came to negative was a poem and even that wasn't truly negative, more an expression of my feelings and if he read it then that meant he went and visited my fictionpress account on his own, I wasn't trying to get him to read it.

I would've never thought he was capable of writing something like that.  I guess I didn't know him as well as I thought I did and I'm very glad I'm not with him anymore.  I suppose I could say mean things about him, but what would be the point?  I'd just lower myself and he's apparently not worth it.  I am glad though that he's finally figured out what he wants to do with his life.

As for him saying he just wanted to get it off his chest.  Really, that's a very selfish reason to say anything.  Sure, there were things I wanted to get off my chest when we broke up, but I said them to Elinore or Nicole.  They understood, they let me vent, and then I felt better and I didn't hurt anyone to make myself feel better.  Another sign that makes me realize I'm better off now.

So, after that little email I sent it to some of my family members, I was in a state of shock.  I just couldn't believe that he would write that.  After this I read some news online and then pulled out my kindle and caught up on my reading.

About 2330 I got my family on Skype (on my phone) and watched as they went about their Christmas Morning - which included them messing up installing Skyp on my sister's computer. 

Then they put her computer in the white chair in the living room, the one I've sat in on Christmas Morning for the past twelve years and I watched as they opened the gifts I sent them.  Needless to say I got rather teary-eyed as they did their normal banter and opened my gifts. 

I love being in Korealand, but for that one moment I wanted to be back in the US of A.  With a cup of coffee in one hand, wrapped in my fuzzy bathrobe and just enjoying Christmas Morning with the family.

I had a great Christmas, much better than Thanksgiving, and it was rather better than I expected it would be.  I'm sad I wasn't with my family, but I'm glad I'm in Korealand.  I also had an amazing time on my date, he's very sweet and a lot of fun to talk with.
The Surprises of the Weekend:
  • Good:
    • My date
    • Talking with my family
    • The weather
  • Bad:
    • Computer died
    • Z's message
I think the good outweighed the bad.  Z is now out of my life forever, there's no way I could ever be friends with him down the line after an email like that.  My computer is being fixed as we speak, I'll get to pick it up tomorrow morning.  Right now I'm writing this from a PC-bang. 

I'll write about my week without a computer tomorrow.  Right now I'm going to go grab some food and then head on over to work.  We're starting Winter Immersion today so I have no planning time from 1300-1500, instead we have an extra class.  More on that later.

Love you all and Merry Christmas!!!

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