Monday, December 5, 2011

Chicken and Beer

One of the interesting things about being in Korea and having such a late schedule is that sometimes we go out after work.  We really don't go out for more than three or four hours and we still get home with about twelve hours before we have to be at work the next day.

We did this last Wednesday because we'd already had two long days of testing and were looking at another one on Thursday.

After work Claire, Casey, Jesse, Sophie, and myself went downtown to another baked chicken restaurant.  There we ate, drank, and talked in a mixture of Korean and English.  For once Casey misspoke Korean, not me, and I called him on it.

He was trying to say that he rode a bicycle downtown (us girls took a taxi, but he wanted to run by his apartment first) and instead he said that he went bicycle swimming.

Cue hilarious laughter at the image and the fact that I actually caught the mistake before any of the Koreans at the table.

The chicken at this restaurant wasn't as good as the one at the last chicken restaurant, but it was still good.  We also got another one of those massive beers, but it was much easier to drink with five of us instead of three.

Here are a couple of images from the restaurant:

Yes, corn chips are a side dish in Korea

3000 cc

Cheese on bread, coated in sugar, it was Service

Casey (with a ridiculous face) pouring for Sophie

After dinner we walked around and Sophie went home.  It was rather impromptu, but we went into a coffee shop and they drank iced coffee while I drank mint tea, which was delicious.  While there Claire and Casey had a hilarious conversation that didn't make much sense, but was entertaining to watch.
I think Jesse and I might have  had more fun watching them than they did having the conversation.  Well, some might call it an argument, but a conversation is more true since it was all done in good fun.

Extraordinary Mint Tea

And look where it's from!

Last minute we stopped by the batting cages where Casey proceeded to punch this poor machine to death.  He almost broke the high score.

Casey warming up

Jesse prepping Casey to go another round
After this we walked up to the main road and caught taxis home.  I went to bed almost immediately but I found out the next day that poor Casey didn't sleep until 0500 because of the coffee.

It was a good night and was a nice break from the craziness that was the past week at work.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time. Dang, I missed it.