Friday, December 30, 2011

Breaking an Addiction

I discovered this week that I have an addiction.

Yes, it's true.

I can hardly believe it myself.

I'm addicted to my computer.

Yes, to you older generation folks out there this sounds silly, but think about it.

Due to my lovely father's interest in computers I first played with one at the grand old age of three.  Sure, I went another twelve years before I got my first personal computer, but the addiction started then.

It crept up on me slowly.

Between the ages of three and nine I only used a computer rarely to play educational games at home or school.  I didn't even know how to type and asking me to navigate a search engine was scary, but I still liked computers.  I also played some non-educational games at home like SimAnt, SimTown, or SimPark.

At the age of nine I watched my dad play Diablo and Age of Empires.  I tried playing Age of Empires on my own, I did horribly, but I still loved it.  At the age of ten I saw my dad begin to play Everquest.  I found it fascinating.  He let me make a character and I stumbled around in that world.  It was at that point I realized that I loved computers and that I wanted one.

Unfortunately they were expensive and neither of my parents had the funds to get me a computer to explore with on my own.  I did have an old one at my dad's that I shared with my sister.  This lasted until I was eleven and my sister and I moved to Florida with our mother, thus cutting off my biweekly access to a computer.

At the age of eleven (almost twelve, months after the move) my mother got a new desktop computer and gave the old one to my sister and me.  It was then we discovered the Sims.  It was amazing.  It was also at the age of eleven that I took an intensive nine week typing class at school.  Needless to say I now know how to type, in fact, I sometimes shock people with how fast I can type and I never have to look at the keyboard anymore either (haven't since I was fourteen actually).

Between the ages of eleven and fourteen I learned to use Microsoft Word and search engines since the computer broke a lot and my mother never left me with much time to be on the computer.

In high school is when my addiction started growing again.  We moved and my dad moved and so we went to his place every other weekend.  About when I was fifteen my dad's condo was built and somehow my sister and I ended up with desktops at his place.  It was then I truly started gaming.  I discovered a world full of endless games either online or not.  At this time my experience with computers didn't go far outside of schoolwork or gaming.

At school I learned more about search engines and Microsoft Powerpoint for projects, Microsoft Word for essays and Microsoft Excel for AFJROTC.  The world of computer was slowly opening up for me.  I also gained a social life online as my classmates also discovered the joys of the computer.  We were all on AIM every night as we talked and avoided homework.  We were also getting into blogging and I regret to say I had a blurty that was nothing more than the idle ramblings of a teenage girl.  It's highly embarrassing and I'm glad it's gone.

Then came college.  This is when my addiction truly became an addiction.  I got my first laptop at the beginning of college.  At first none of my classes really required the internet, though I did have to type things up on occasion.  Slowly though, as the years rolled by, more and more of my education and entertainment revolved around the computer.

If I wanted to watch a movie or tv show, going to Netflix or Hulu was easier than going to the television.  Plus, if it got boring, I could go read an article or something.  As for articles...any news or humorous thing I wanted to read was online.  I can even read books now through the Kindle Cloud Reader on Google Chrome.  If I want to play a game I play it on the computer.  If I want to write it's much easier to type then pull out a pen and paper.

Basically, my life revolves around my computer.  It's been a slow process that's taken two decades, but it happened and I really can't see any way around it.  I need my computer for work.  I need it to talk with all of you back in the states.  I need it to store my pictures and videos.  I need it to store my music.  None of these things can be done physically due to the fact I'm in a foreign country and quite a few of these things I ONLY have in digital format.

I can't see this changing anytime in the future.  So, yes, I'm addicted to my computer, but it's also as necessary to my life as air is in many ways.

This addiction caused me to go a little crazy this week.  I ended up sleeping a lot more, caught up on my reading (on my kindle, so still a computer), or even doing some drawing (something I haven't done since high school).  It was an enlightening experience, but one I don't really want to experience again.

I do think I am going to try and cut down on my computer time in the future though.  Spend more time doing things away from my computer, like reading, but we'll see.  It's not like I can cut it out of my life.

Well, there's my horrible addiction.  I'm sure it's shared by my dad and sister.  Who else shares this lovely addiction with me I wonder?  If you do, do you recognize it?  Are you willing to admit it?



Are you?


  1. Not me, I can only find Google on a good day. LOL


  2. I think everyone from our generation is...not addicted to our computers...but have a hard time understanding how to function without one. Even our phones are computers.
    The first priority of mine when coming to Korea was getting WiFi set up in my apt. lol