Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You've Got Mail

So, today was a pretty normal day.  I have everything ready for class and so was sitting reading on my computer when Sophie comes in.

She comes straight to me and says, "Katie, your letter?"
I take it and smile.  There's a nice little envelope with German on it.  It's addressed to me from a very familiar address.
So, smiling, I open it up and find this wonderful treasure-trove of things.

So, I think I'll be smiling like an idiot for the rest of the day.  Nothing like getting a Christmas card from home, that was bought in one of my favorite European countries, when I'm about to spend my first Thanksgiving away from my family.

Kay-Kay, your timing is impeccable, like always!

Actually, I didn't just smile, I teared up too...I think the only thing I truly miss from the States are the people.

I don't miss having a car (I love walking and public transportation, yes, I'm weird).  I don't miss having central heat (well, not too  I don't miss being able to read and understand everything.  I don't miss having a shower that's separate from my bathroom (lots of room to move).

But, I do miss being able to see my sister, my dad, my grandparents, Michael, Kristen, and everyone else...
Okay, yes, there are a few people I don't miss at all (I'm 99% sure they don't read this blog, so whatever), but it will be nice to eventually see everyone else again.

If I don't post again before tomorrow...well, have a great Thanksgiving!  Eat lots of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes  pumpkin pie, spiced peaches, green bean casserole, cherry pie, cranberry sauce, and squash casserole.

I just made myself hungry....

Well, have a Happy Thanksgiving!  I love you all and appreciate the letter a lot!

P.S. Thank for the adorable picture of my puppy!  It's definitely going up in my apartment!

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  1. We miss you too! Especially on game-nights. I need to get your address the next time I'm at Condo de Laird.

    In other news, your dad and I spent some quality time talking about nothing but Skyrim on Sunday.