Thursday, November 3, 2011


I's been awhile since I updated, but I have a very good reason!

Last Thursday and Friday was our monthly test days.  I spent about three hours on Thursday and five hours on Friday sitting in a little chair, at a little table, listening to students read and answer questions orally.

I'm the speaking teacher, so I have to grade and test the students on how they speak.  This, of course, involves one on one time with them.

This month was my first time doing this and I know several things I'll be changing for the monthly tests in November.  Hopefully it will go better then.  This last week I wasn't able to finish the tests for one class so had to finish them during their class time on Monday.  It worked, but I'd prefer to not have to do that again.

In other news:

I'm taking the GRE on December 17th.  The nearest testing location is up in Daejeon, which is a 2.5-3 hour bus or train ride away.  The test is at 10am on Saturday morning and the only buses and trains don't work with that test time or my work schedule on Friday.  So, since I don't have a car, I went and asked for that Friday off work.

I'll go on up there Friday morning and then wander around, sight see, locate a nearby motel, and review some math (my weakness).  After my test on Saturday I might just stick around, sight see some more, and then just take a bus home on Sunday.  Might as well make it a little mini-vacation with a test in the middle of it.

My classes will be covered by the other teachers and I'll have work and lessons prepared for each class.

I get ten paid days off a year with this contract, so I'll be using one of them.  Esther and Donald understand because it's for my future education, which they're highly supportive of.  Claire comes in late three times a week because of her classes in Busan.  She doesn't miss any classes here, just planning time.

Still, I felt really nervous asking them for the day off.  It's always like that when I ask for time off work.  I feel a loyalty to my job and so don't like asking for time off, especially when it's for me and not someone else.  I know most people don't have this problem.  I know Zack never understood it.  I just feel bad taking time off work that I shouldn't.

I even felt bad leaving Publix a week early because of my mother's death and everything I had to do because of it.  I was her closest living relative and so had to handle everything.  From sorting through her things to making funeral arrangements, to letting people know about it.  I'm just glad I had such wonderful family members to help me do all of these things.  I don't know if I could've done it on my own, especially since I flew out of the country only four days after her funeral.

Apparently my typing wanders onto tangents just like my talking does.  Back to what I was saying:

I don't mind leaving work early if I feel I'm not needed, but I hate taking time off when I'm needed or might be needed.  I don't even mind taking off work when it's for someone else.  Like when I took off a Saturday to drive Natalia to the TOFEL test in Tallahassee, when I wouldn't take a Saturday off to go see my grandparents in the mountains.  Instead I went during the week, when Publix was slow and they wouldn't need me as much.

I suppose it's a work ethic?  I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it's there and anyone that considers me a friend needs to get used to that.  Though, this doesn't mean I won't take time off when Elinore and Kay-Kay come to visit me in the summer, they are coming from halfway around the world to visit me.  I would like to know dates for that though, because the sooner I can let Donald and Esther know, the better.

Okay, break time is almost over.  I have a class, and then another break, and then another class, then planning period, and then home.  I only teach four classes and so have two breaks on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  This is good when I have lots of work to do (writing tests and report cards), but not so much when that is all done.  So, instead, I write or read on the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Hope everyone is doing well back home.  Feel free to leave comments here, on Facebook, or shoot me an email sometime.

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