Friday, November 25, 2011


So, the weather is getting colder.  That means several things to me.

  1. I need to pull out my warmer jackets
  2. I get to wear more cute things (I think I look better in cold weather clothes, than warm)
  3. It's time to turn on the heater
Heating here in Korealand is a little different than heating back in the US of A.  There are several ways to keep warm here.

One way is the heater at my apartment.  This particular type of heater is called an Ondel.  There are pipes running through my floor that are filled with water.  The water is heated by gas and makes my apartment really warm and cozy.  My floor gets as warm as a heating pad, which is totally awesome.

I just switch this guy on:

Love the little guy in the cape!
And then I relax until my room is nice and toasty warm.  It only runs for about six hours every day, so I don't have to worry about a crazy heating bill.

In the summer I'll use this to stay cool:

It comes with a handy, dandy remote.

At work things aren't so roasty, toasty.  Due to expenses and whatnot we won't be having the heaters turned on until mid-December.  Though, they did turn the heater on in the classroom we use for the Kindergartners yesterday.  I think because the parents complained, I may be wrong though.  This made that room really, really warm and comfortable, so that's where I took my TFK 2 class (only one student) yesterday for class since her normal room was an icebox.  That's also where I hung out while recording several stories for Jesse last night.

The heater and air conditioner here at the school are part of the same system.
They look like this:
They're on the ceiling.
This is the one in our faculty room.  Each classroom shares one of these with another classroom.  This means that one room is a lot warmer than the other, since one room has a full wall of glass windows facing the outside, while the other has a wall of glass windows facing the corridor.  

So, because of the no heat until Mid-December we've taken to finding new and interesting ways to stay warm.  Claire and Jesse have heating pads on their chairs and I mean to get one this weekend.  

I've taken to wearing ear covering headphones while I listen to music at my work station rather than earbuds since they're warmer.  Jesse and I also wear hand-warmers, which are these lovely, warm, comfy creations:
Notice that my coat is on....

I have black fluffy ones on right now, they patch my outfit better and our much softer, but I like those red ones too.

I've also become a huge fan of leg-warmers, though I used to think they were silly.  Funny how moving to a cold climate and seeing people wearing them all the time (and not just while exercising) makes me realize that they make a lot of sense and don't look half-bad.  At least when they're well-made, the right color, and you're wearing the right outfit.
Three layers - stockings, leggings, and leg-warmers.
Don't I look warm and cozy?  I should be able to start wearing some trousers next week to work since I got them back from the tailor today.  I got to Korea and lost even more weight, so almost none of my clothes fit.  Especially my professional wear, which I got last December from Coldwater Creek.  All my really nice, well-made work clothes?  Suddenly much too big, like, dangerously and unflatteringly big.  

That's what happens when you lose 18 lbs (8 kg) in a year....Not that I'm complaining.  It just makes clothes difficult when they're so big they fall off of me.  

Funny thing is that I don't think I look like I've lost that much, I guess I just carry weight well.  I do know that I feel much healthier and my clothes are all too big.  I also know what the scale says.  

Funny how being happier helps you make better food and lifestyle choices.  I think, ultimately, that's what I can thank for my weight loss.  I'm happier and more content than I have been in years.  I think, honestly, I haven't been this happy and content with my life since before my parents divorced.

It's an amazing feeling.  I'm just sorry it took almost fifteen years to find it again.

Gah! See!  I got sidetracked again, bad habit, I know.
Sorry for turning an informational entry into one on clothing, weight, and happiness.

So, that's how we stay warm here in Korealand.  I suppose my next entry should be on the amazingness I experienced and discovered last weekend...Probably before I experience more awesomeness tomorrow in Busan.  


  1. I love reading that you're happy!!!

  2. I like your sidetrackingness! Cookie cutter writing makes things uncharacteristic...but then how much reading do I really do LOL