Friday, November 18, 2011

Lost in Translation

So, I wasn't going to post an entry today, but this was too good to pass up on.

I'm helping my students prepare for their speech contest next month.  All we did last week was plan out their speeches and to three of my classes I told them to do research on the person they picked to give a speech on.  Well, one of my students emailed Claire with a copy of his speech.  It was all done.  I needed to correct it for him so he could write the second draft.

Then, like any good teacher, I grab the paper and my red pen, preparing to fix lots of things.  First thing I do is read through the speech.  After reading I realize I can't correct it.  There is no way to correct it.

Why?  Is he that amazing a writer?

No, he just decided to write it in Korean, put it in a translation website, and print it out.

I have no clue how the Korean version reads, but I'm sure it makes more sense than this:
Edison invented a kid like you were interested in science manatgo
Edison when I was  younger a lot of curiosity, I want to know anything about the annoying things about all kinds of elders  to ask to hear the words of the head was a strange kid.

Edison was 7 years old were enrolled in elementary schools have dropped out and do three months mother taught him.
But Edison did not attend the school would have had to study what I can do???
Edison was a child a lot of questions.
How do you know someone born on the goose got the number to hatch?  And in the sky bungbung tteundamyeo friend had never slipped gas coming out.
What Edison did was to become a great scientist?
Edison was able to make this great inventions wants to know anything directly, it also felt the experiment it reported.

Edison’s family is poor because of the railroad at the age of 12 eight-two newspapers, sweets, while it eight, in order to save time to move freight in the laboratory experiments was wild about.  This is incredible patience and effort to think.  Whatever the mistake, without genius, thought he was perfect, but …
Edison failed numerous trials and experiments continued without giving decelerated.  This invention is made by a whopping do that over one thousand … It’s simply amazing.
I dream to be a scientist like Edison is not
But Edison said “Genius is 99% of the effort and are made with 1% inspiration” to the end of its best-known horse is working hard has never learned that he could not … I do not frustrate the future Edison’s difficult to try patience and help to make my dream come true working bonbatah should do that.
 It was the untranslated Korean words that truly gave it away.  Before that it just looked like he had no clue what different words meant.  Though the correct use of grammar while still making no sense made me rather suspicious.

Translators work great for words or small phrases, but that's about

Okay, back to making lots and lots of vocabulary questions for their test this month!

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