Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dress up!

Once again, Saturday was amazing.

I slept in late, like normal, then wandered downtown.  From City 7 I could catch the 710 bus and it dropped me off almost in front of E-Mart.

A five minute walk later and I'm inside Lotte Mart.  Another five minutes and I'm sitting down getting my nails done.  They're now a lovely shade of pink.  I might be adventurous sometime in the future and get a different color, but, for now, I'll stick with pink.

My timing was perfect, because right after my nails were done it was time to meet Casey and Claire in front of the cell phone shop.  Casey ended up not getting his cell phone quite yet because he's getting a used one and it wasn't there yet.

After we left the cell phone shop things got a little more interesting....

We took a taxi down to the bike transportation center.  I registered to be able to take bikes out.  Casey tried, but you need a cell phone number to register....so he'll do it later.

Once I was registered we walked back to City 7.  Along the way we wandered through this event going on at the Sports Complex.  It was pretty interesting:

While we were wandering through the place we saw this:
Claire stops us to explain that this is a booth where you get dressed up and take pictures.  While she's explaining this the ajumas see us and start motioning for us to come over.  Claire joins in with them and the next thing Casey and I know this is happening:

The look I gave Claire as she told me that these were wedding clothes....

The Ajumas kept trying to get us to move closer to each other.  I can only assume they thought Casey and I were a couple.  It's crazy how often that occurs here.  Colleen needs to come save Casey from misinformed if well-meaning Koreans.

So, Claire was using my camera to snap pictures of us while all of the Ajumas had their cell phones out taking pictures of us also.

I felt like a movie star.  I was laughing so hard while all of this was going on, my face hurt afterwards.

So, after the pictures they got the outfits off of us.  We were then given banana milk and these things:
Unfortunately, I don't remember the name, but it was dough wrapped around red bean paste.  A traditional Korean food and very yummy.

After this little adventure we wandered back to City 7 and ate Korean pizza.  It's definitely different from American or Italian pizza.  We got a pizza with each corner being something different.  One had cream cheese, another barbecue sauce, another one shrimp, and the final one had potatoes.

It was delicious:

After pizza we met up with Jesse and headed to the Art Center in Masan for the Jazz Concert.  Yes, the name of the band is Jazz.

I snapped a couple pictures before the lady told me (using gestures) that no cameras were allowed.  I didn't mind, I only wanted a picture of the stage, I know better than to take pictures during a performance.
The music was really good, the percussion guy was really funny, especially when he took over playing drums from the regular drummer.

And, afterwards, Claire and Jesse were like little kids meeting Santa when they got to meet the band and get autographs and photos.
This is the super funny percussion guy.

The amazing singer, he even did a couple songs in English.

The pianist, who was also amazing.

The sax player and the most normal looking of the bunch.
After the concert we ended up going to a bar in downtown Changwon and then another Noraebong.  I have pictures from there, but nothing really worthy of a blog entry, so onto Facebook they go!

Hope your weekend was just as good.  Have a great week!

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