Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Double Feature

I think Saturday may have just been one of the longest days of my life (I think this is also my longest post...).

My day started at about 0645ish when I rolled out of bed, ate breakfast, and put on as many layers of clothing as I could while still looking nice.  I knew I'd end up getting kind of warm in the middle of the day, but that I'd appreciate the layers in the morning and then later, after the sun went down.

I left the house a little before 0800 and caught the bus down to the Changwon Bus Station.  After a little mixup and talk with Claire I caught the 0840 bus to Hongdae.  It stopped along the way on the other side of Changwon and Claire got on.  It only cost ₩5500.  That's about $5.

My Ticket!

We got off the bus at about 0940 and hurried over to this massive building where we met her friend, Ahn Hyun Jeong.    

We went inside the massive building and listened to this guy talk.
Claire found him handsome
Now, to fully enjoy this lecture you need these things:
High Tech Stuff
Well, I should say, you need them unless you're trilingual.  If you speak English, French, and Korean than you don't need them.

He started off talking in English with a few gratuitous Korean words thrown in.  Not surprisingly his few Korean words made the crowd cheer and clap.  He then moved into French for his lecture because his English is only middle or high school level, certainly not high enough to give a complex lecture in.  

I started off listening to a girl on my headset translate it into English but eventually stopped.  She may have known a lot of English vocabulary, but her pronunciation was almost impossible to understand, especially over the headset.  I read the speech (it was written in the booklet pictured above) and switched my headset over to the Korean translation since I find Korean soothing to listen to (yes, I'm weird, get over it).  It also felt nice to recognize the occasional word without having it distract me.

The question and answer time was interesting since most people asked questions in Korean, which he then had translated into French before answering in French.  Someone did ask a question in English, and then someone else asked one in French, but most were Korean.  

Oh, I forgot to say that this guy is a French author.  His name is Jean-Marie Gustave Le Cl├ęzio
Claire is a huge fan of him, which was why we were there.  
I found it rather interesting, but probably wouldn't have gone on my own.

After the lecture we went to go eat.  We ended up at an amazing (and cheap) little Gimbap restaurant.  Gimbap is amazing and one of my favorite foods here.  The combination of flavors and textures is something that just can't be found in anything else.  Though a sushi roll is rather similar in texture.

Here are some pictures of our food,
Our hot food, which was delicious

Most amazing gimbap I've had here yet.

Isn't it awesome?

Here's where they make it

And here are the rolls waiting to be sliced
While at lunch I was talking with An Hyun Jang.  I kept mis-saying her name or mis-remembering it.  Mainly because I'm just HORRIBLE at names.  Especially names that I'm not familiar with to begin with.  At one point she laughed when I mis-said it (for the zillionth time) and said that she really needs an English name.  I commented on the fact that she didn't have one already (For a Korean to speak English well and not have an English name is almost unheard of).  I asked her why and she said that she hadn't found one she liked.  

Me making small talk I said that her family name sounded like the name 'Anne'.  She liked that and before I knew it she decided that Anne would be here English name.  So, from now on she'll be referred to as Anne.

From there we went to a coffee shop and grabbed some coffee.  The shop was full of gratuitous English.

This sign there made me laugh:
Hey...where's the 'T'?
Oh!  There it is!
After grabbing coffee we walked over to this HUGE building that houses several artsy theaters.  It's in this building that they hold the Busan International Film Festival.  During the rest of the year they do shows and such, as well as showing classic movies.

For ₩3000 (about $2.50) we saw the Godfather.  On the big screen.  In really amazing seats, better than at the Rave.  That was really cool and I liked the movie a lot better this time, probably because I wasn't being forced to watch it and write a paper on it for school.

After the movie we took lots of pictures down in the lobby.  The theater was actually up on the third floor.  With all of the theaters taking up space on the second and third floor.  They were all stadium seats.

That light way up there is where you enter the theater.

That's the huge building where the theater is

The outdoor theater portion

Awesome Poster

Claire and Anne


Anne Pondering the Sunset

Claire taking funny pictures of herself
It was about 1630 now and we were planning to see another movie at 1900, so we wandered over to the largest department store in the world.

There's even an ice rink....epic

Wait....A Happy Sale?
Once we got inside we went up to the movie theater on the top floor and bought tickets to see Gone with the Wind at 1900.  Anne didn't buy a ticket since she was going to go home before then.  

We wandered down to the bookstore after buying the tickets, which is where I found pure awesomeness on the shelves.  These pictures are for Dad, Michael, and Elinore.  I'm sure some of these books look familiar....
Here you go Dad, Elinore, and Michael!

Here you go Dad, Michael, and Elinore!

Here you go Michael!
These were all, of course, in the foreign language section.  None of the books were alphabetized either, though they were usually grouped by author, but not always.  Poor Nicholas Sparks was all over the place.

After this Claire and I walked Anne back through the crowded maze of a store and down to the subway station underground. 

This is all underground...
I've never been to a country before that makes such good use of all of it's land.  From what I've seen of Busan so far I'd totally believe it if someone told me that you could get from one side of the city to the other walking without ever going above ground.

Claire and I then went and bought some egg tarts and cupcakes from the Food Hall (Which is just as amazing as Harrods in London) and then took an elevator (instead of the maze of escalators) back up to the top floor, where the movie theater was.

We got drinks and onion flavored popcorn and went on into the theater.  There we proceeded to watch Gone with the Wind on the big screen for four hours.  It was amazing and I'm so glad I got to experience that.

The movie finally got out at around 2300.

We quickly made our way downstairs, outside, and down a staircase in the sidewalk to the subway.  We got to the bus station and the bus to Changwon was waiting for us.  

While we bought our tickets we discovered that it was the last bus to Changwon that night.  We ended up boarding the bus as he was collecting the tickets - that was close.

Claire slept on the way back, I read on my phone since I knew if I slept I'd have real trouble getting home and then getting to sleep again.

Claire got off the bus at the stop before mine and I got off at Changwon Station where I proceeded to take a taxi home.  The city buses don't run past 2330 and it was much too cold (and dark) and I much too tired to take a bike or walk.  

I got home and messaged Claire to let her know I got home safely we then said goodnight and it was 0107.  

I was barely awake enough to remember to take my make-up off before I fell into bed and slept like the dead.

Sunday wasn't nearly as eventful.  I spent the morning lying in bed chatting with sister and watching Ouran.  Then I went and wandered around downtown for a couple hours, went to Lotte Mart for groceries, and then went home.  Where I watched some shows, played Diablo II, and made yummy ramyun.  

It was a great weekend.


  1. I like this post, mostly cuz It instantly made me want asian food O_O

  2. Excellent weekend indeed.

    Apple Jack

  3. Crosscurrent was an awesome book! (SW)

  4. Hi, Katie. I laughed because I was very impressed and thanks for your effort that tried to pronounce correct. ^^ Last day was very excited and hope see you again. :)

  5. I can't wait to go to Busan! Did you go to the beach? I'm sure seeing the ocean again will make me feel a little less homesick.

    Also, I feel the need to say "Nicholas Sparks is all over that place? Just like his writing!" But that would be mean...so I won't say it...oh wait...=P

    1. No, haven't managed the actual beach, Casey has though. I've been to the water, just not a 'beach'. You can get to the water in Jinhae.

      Lol, it's the truth though. I much prefer the movies (Notebook and Walk to Remember only) than the books. The writing...it just bugs me.