Saturday, November 5, 2011


So, I figured out the bus system here, or, at least, I think I did.

Last Saturday Casey and I took a bus to Masan and met some people to play at a PC Room.  Then we went back to Michael B's apartment (which is the entire second floor of a town house....crazy) and played Rock Band.  He's been here a year and a half and smuggled a drum set and guitar over here on his last trip home since Rock Band isn't available here.

Michael B's pretty cool, and he just shows how small of a world it really is.  He's from Florida (Tampa), went to FSU, and happened to live next door to my cousin - Laura.  They aren't even Facebook friends anymore, so the odds of Michael B. and I meeting in the local expat Facebook group were crazy low.

That song keeps going through my head...."It's a small world after all..."

Okay, back to the buses.  Casey and I took bus 110 to Masan, which wasn't too hard.  You have to keep an eye out for your stop, which can be difficult since it's all in Hanguel, and then push the stop button before you reach it.  Coming back we had to take the 700 bus since it was almost midnight and only the 700 buses are still running after 11pm.  We ended up missing the stop before City 7 and got off at the one after City 7, which was a LOT farther down the road.  It was a nice little walk back to our neighborhood.

So, each bus stop has maps showing what buses go there and their stops.  They also have a monitor that says what buses are on their way and how long each one will take to get there.  It makes navigating pretty easy.

Then, if I want to look it up at home, there's also  I click on the second tab, the one with the little red 'N' on it.  Then select the two blue blobs.  I put the first one where I'm coming from and the second where I want to go.  I then chose my method of transportation - car, bus, train, or walk.  It gives me several choices (sometimes) and I pick the one I like.  The directions are all in Korean, but I can usually get Google Chrome to translate it for me if I need to.  Anyways, the bus numbers are all easy to read and the bus stop is usually easy enough to figure out.  I'll get to practice riding the bus again tomorrow.

Casey and I are meeting Claire downtown so he can get a cell phone and we can get the bike thing figured out.  We'll also get it set up so I can just swipe my phone when I get on a bus and it will be put on my phone bill instead of having to carry change around or put money on a little card.

Then, at 6pm, we'll meet Jesse in City 7 and go to a jazz concert over in Masan.  I have no clue what to expect about that, but I'm sure I'll find out pretty soon.

I love the weekend!  That's when I really get to explore and see new things, which is amazing.

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