Friday, November 25, 2011

Bubbles, Ice Cream, Hills, and Concerts

Last Friday I originally planned to go home, relax, and not do anything.  Plans changed when Casey and I were about to leave work, Claire wanted us to go out and do something with her.

So, last minute, we decided to go downtown and get chicken and beer.

The chicken was awesome:

The awesome baked crunchy chicken.

Our bone bucket and the little bit of crunchy chicken left

The other awesome baked chicken, some sort of garlic sauce
All of the chicken was amazing, best chicken I've ever had I think.  Claire and I were quite impressed.

Though, I think the beer made a bigger impression on Casey:
3000 cc
After the chicken we wandered around and went to a shooting range.  The guns we used, instead of being rifles like in the US of A, were mock M-16s that shot pellets.  I actually did much better shooting them than I ever did with a real M-16.  It was pretty awesome.


After the shooting range we ended up over at the batting cages where Casey took a turn with the bat.

Beer + Baseball = Friday Night in Korealand
He also ended up hitting a ball where it hit and got stuck in the net.

This is Casey pointing at the ball from his perspective

This is him pointing at the ball from the camera's perspective
Sadly, the ball wasn't there anymore when we walked by on Sunday.  Either it fell down or someone did something amazing to go get it, because it was still there when we left the Noraebong later.

After the batting cages we ended up seeing a Korean couple blowing huge bubbles.  Claire and I thought it was neat - Casey was enthralled:
Watching the Bubble Making
Bubble Making Couple
Claire and I decided to spend our time hiding under an umbrella, staying warm, and taking pictures of each other while Casey tried to capture a bubble on his umbrella.

He Popped It
Yeah, we're the no-glove idiots

Eventually we ended up at an amazing Noraebong (singing room) where they gave us free ice cream.  It was awesome.  That's where my current profile picture on Facebook comes from.

Saturday I spent the morning talking and watching Ouran with my sister on Skype.  Then in the afternoon I decided to finally see what was in the park on the other side of City 7 and CECO.  Turns out it was a really big hill.  I ended up walking all over it and at various points in time I was completely alone in broad daylight, surrounded by nature, but just a short walk from my home and work.

It was totally awesome!
Walk up the Hill

The Semi-Secret path that lead to the Awesomeness

I Swear, Nothing is more Beautiful than Mountains

This sign cracked me up

Rustic Wooden Bridge?  Check

A Real Trail
I then wandered down through the neighborhood on the other side of the park, grabbed a bike from the bike station, and went to Homeplus.  I then dropped off my pants to be tailored and just wandered around until it started to get dark.

As the darkness fell I walked home, just making a short detour by Casey's to let him know when and where we were meeting Jesse and Claire the next day.

On Sunday evening Casey and I met Claire and Jesse (after some getting lost due to us not knowing where City Hall is).

We went to a Cultural Concert that was amazing.  They did some traditional dances that involved ribbons attached to hats that did extraordinary things while they danced.

There was also the full orchestra made up of traditional Korean instruments.  And, I never thought I'd ever say it, but I finally found another type of music that moves my soul as much as traditional Celtic music.

After the concert we went and grabbed Korean Chinese food and then went to chill at a Hof.

A Hof is a Korean bar.  Instead of sitting at a small table in the middle of a insanely noisy or creepily quiet bar you get a private little room that looks like this:
Gotta love Casey's expression
We were there for about two hours and then wandered home before eleven.  Where I proceeded to play on my computer for an hour or two and then went to bed, ready to start a new week.

And now?  It's the weekend again!

Have a great weekend folks!

Note:  Yes, Casey, Rose is my middle name, I'm not being pretentious. 


  1. I'm sincerely wishing I wasn't the only English speaking teacher at my Hagwon now. Having a side-kick definitely seems to make the bumbling, not only easier, but more effective.

    1. It makes it a tad easier, but primarily it's just more effective. Two people bumbling around are more likely to find what they're seeking than one person.