Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Apartment

I think I’m in love with my apartment here.  It’s rather small, but it’s exactly what I need.

I’ve got a small kitchen with a fridge that’s halfway between a mini-fridge and an apartment sized fridge.  It has more than enough room for my milk, soy milk, water, yogurt, and pineapple juice.

Then I have a nice little microwave that sits on top of the fridge.  It’s really simple without many features, which is nice since all of the buttons are in Korean.

For real cooking I have a nice sized rice cooker and a single burner electric stove.  It boils water and scrambles eggs very nicely.  That’s about all I’ve used it for so far.

I have plenty of cabinet space for the food I need and my very odd assortment of dishes.   There’s also a nice amount of counter space considering the size of my kitchen.

My washing machine is a front loader in my kitchen, unlike Casey’s, which is a top loader in the bathroom.  It does a pretty good job washing things and then I have a nice big drying rack for the clothes once they’re clean.

I only have one sink in my apartment, but it’s nice and big and is right next to the bathroom, so I don’t feel too weird brushing my teeth there.

My bathroom is a little odd by American standards, but I sort of like it.  If I actually had a shower stall I wouldn’t have as much room as I do now with the entire bathroom being my shower.

My toilet seat is actually a regular hard one and not a strange padded or heated one like I’ve seen so often here.  Poor Casey is stuck with a padded one and the heated ones are just strange.  It’s not just heated; it also sprays water or air on you if you push the right buttons.

Then there’s the cool storage/sleeping area above my bathroom.  So far I don’t have a really good way to get up there, but it sure makes my apartment nicer.  I have my suitcases stuck up there as well as the unwanted TV that was left in my apartment.

The main room in my apartment can be separated by a door from the kitchen and bathroom area, so I don’t have to stare at the front door when I go to bed, which is rather comforting. 

The cabinet has plenty of room for my clothes, which is nice.  I have a small table where I have my computer set up.  I have to sit on the floor to use it, but I bought some padded cushions, so that’s not too bad.  It certainly makes me feel more like I’m living in a foreign country.

My bed is a little harder than what I’m used to, but that too is growing on me.  It’s certainly not stopping me from falling and staying asleep at night.

I also have a nice number of windows in my apartment.  There’s a small one in the storage area and another small one in the bathroom.  Both of them have screens on them.  Then I have two push out windows - one in the kitchen and one in the main room.  Both have frosted glass and no screen, but on nice days I don’t mind having them open.

The last window is my pride and joy.  It takes up most of one wall in my main room and looks down on the street.  I almost never close it.  It’s also interesting to listen to my neighbors talking in Korean out on the street.

And, now here’s a video showing my building and apartment.  I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Milk and soy milk, Gracie?
    Learn Korean fast so that you can listen in on what your neighbors are saying about you outside.