Saturday, October 22, 2011

Late Nights

My working hours are from 1pm-9pm and I'm naturally a night owl.  This means I have a rather odd sleeping schedule.

I usually wake up about 10am and go to sleep around 2am.  It suites me, I like the late hours, I'm more awake at work.  I don't have that sinking spell halfway through the day like I did during my student teaching.  Sure, I miss seeing the early morning, but I get to enjoy the stillness that is night, so it works out.

Last night when I got off work the weather was nice and cool and crisp.  I ended up running by my apartment, dropping off my laptop, and grabbing my camera.  I then took a long meandering walk around my neighborhood.  This city has an entirely different feeling to it after dark.  It's more at peace with itself.

Here's some of my favorite pictures from last night.  I think they demonstrate how my neighborhood feels after dark.  I hope you enjoy them:

Trudging Home

A Bridge between Worlds

A Light amid the Darkness

Resting after a Day of Work

Forgotten Newspaper

Lonely Car


A Forgotten Road
Forgotten Chair

Open Late

Halloween Cometh

Shining in the Street Lamp

Ordinary from a New Angle

Reflections of Light

A Rough Wall
After my walk I returned home, changed into my exercise clothes and went to the park.  After jogging a couple laps I joined the Ajumas on the exercise equipment.  These are all women of 50 or more and they were a lot more physically active than a lot of people I know that are half their age.  When I'm their age I want to be like them.  So that's some good motivation for going there every night I can.

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