Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lake

On last Saturday afternoon, after the hiking and a nap.  Casey and I met Jessie at the McDonalds, then we took a taxi to Too Ya Il.  It's a park that circles a lake.

Here's some pictures:
The pavilion in the middle of the lake is a little coffee shop.

So many lilypads, but no frogs...

Such a pretty, natural lake, with tall buildings surrounding parts of it.

Two of the three flowers I saw.  Amazing that they were different colors.

The newly hung lanterns for the Changwon Festival.

The only waterfowl we saw there.  I think it was getting too cold for them.
That's the lake portion of the park.  There was also a lot of other things there.  Like little areas in the "wilderness."
The farther from the lake, the more natural the area was.
No picnic tables here.  Only benches and these platforms.  People sit on them and it's like they're on their floor at home.
What made the most impression on me there though was the GiAp TooLoo.  It basically means "pressure road".  To use it you take off your shoes and walk along it.  Here's a few pictures and a video.
Jesse was a pro on this thing.  I don't know how she moved so fast.

Casey is eyeing the most painful section.  I think he stopped to take a picture to give his feet a break.

That gentleman wasn't the only old person I saw walking across those stones like I walk across carpet.

And here's a video:

And that concludes my tour of Too Ya Il.  To end it, here's a picture of a guy on a unicycle:

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