Monday, October 10, 2011

I Found Korea

Or, at least I found the market in downtown Changwon:

I took a taxi downtown this afternoon.  There's no reason to go anywhere in the morning because most places aren't open before eleven.  I wandered around E-Mart before visiting the Lotte Digital Building.  In there I happened to find:

That was pretty neat, lol.

I ended up wandering around after that and stumbled across the market.  It was too cool not to share it with someone so I went and got Casey, lol.  We ended up wandering around the market and saw lots of things:

Then we stopped at one of the stalls where they had some small tables and stools set up.  They were serving up fried fish and a mix of green (peppers?) fried stuff.  Very unhealthy, but certainly sanitary, lol.

Here's where they were cooking it:

It was a good weekend..  I'm still settling in, so I didn't really do a lot, but next weekend should be different.  Claire, one of the Korean teachers, has asked if I'll go hiking with her and her mother on Saturday.  That should be fun, I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, I did get the video of my apartment done today.  I'll get it up tomorrow, my trip to the market sort of took over this entry, lol.

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