Monday, October 17, 2011

Hiking - AnMinGoGae

I wish I could type the mountain name in Hangeul, but I don't have the right keyboard and I can't use my phone to type it at the!

So, hiking was the first thing I did on Saturday.  Casey and I met Claire and her mother at City 7 in front of McDonalds.  From there we headed up to the mountain and walked around (hiked).  As you'll see from the pictures it isn't hiking like we'd call it in the states.

The rest of this post is going to be a bunch of pictures.  The ones of the town by the water are actually pictures of Jinhae-gu.  Which is the city on the other side of AnMinGoGae from Changwon.

So, here are the pictures!  Enjoy!

Claire, or, rather Gi Seon



There you go Elli, I'm finally making the peace sign in a picture, lol.  Everyone does it here.

The bathroom that (according to Casey) was really just an outhouse.

Right before the amazing picnic Claire's mom made us.

I'll do another separate post on the rest of my adventures on Saturday.  It was an amazing day :)

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