Thursday, October 20, 2011

City 7

I think the location for my school is probably one of the best in the city.

I’m in this building complex called City 7.  It’s pretty much what Destin Commons yearns to be.  There’s a shopping center with lots of middle and high end stores.  There’s also the department store Lotte Mart, a huge movie theatre, and a plethora of restaurants. 

And that just covers the three “cones”.  There’s also the small five story building where my school is and a number of other offices.

Then there’s the three high rises that are full of apartments.  About half of my students live there.

There’s also the reasonably tall Pullman Hotel.  It’s a five star hotel with lots of amenities. 

On the weekends (or at least last weekend), this place was crawling with shoppers and diners.  On the weekdays it’s never empty, though the business does fluctuate depending on the time of day. 

The architecture is also amazing.  It’s not anything I would want in my house, but it gives a regular shopping center an air of grandiose.  Each of the “cones” are separate sections connected by covered walkways.  Each cone features a glass roof that lets plenty of sunlight in, offering the illusion of being entirely outside, but still keeping the rain out.  The thing is, the shopping center is mostly outside.  There’s no heating or air conditioning and you just stroll right inside from the sidewalk.

There’s a McDonalds here and it is open 24 hours.  The Dunkin Donuts is open most of the day, everything else has very limited hours, but you can still wander by and window shop at any time of the day or night. 
Also, if I need to catch a taxi, there’s always one nearby and if I go out and forget my address card I can always tell a taxi “City 7” and they’ll take me right here, which is only 10-15 minute walk from my apartment.
I think I hit the jackpot in terms of locations.

Oh, and I can’t forget Family Mart.  It’s a local convenience store like 7-11 (which they have here).  From there I can get pretty much any drink or snack or, well, anything.  There’s one right outside the elevator to my school.

I think I might have also hit the jackpot in terms of Hagwans.  The Korean teachers are friendly.  Jesse and Claire are awesome.  Then there’s Sophie, the receptionist, she’s really nice and helpful, even though her English is limited.  Esther and Donald are good bosses as far as I can tell so far and nothing the previous teachers said has disproven that.

Oh, and the other foreign teacher knows what he’s doing and is a good person to work with.

So, I think I’m doing pretty well.

Here’s some pictures of City 7:

That's Lotte Mart down there.

My apartment is out right past those trees in the maze of houses.

Korean KFC - I have one boy that wants to go to Kentucky to try "real" Kentucky fried chicken.

Korean McDonalds - It does delivery here and is the only restaurant I've seen open 24h a day.

Very good sushi here, but it's all Americanized sushi.  I'm still searching for an authentic sushi restaurant. 

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