Saturday, September 24, 2011


On a happier note:

My visa arrived this morning, nice and safely glued (or something) inside of my passport.  Kristen hung around my house and waited for it to arrive (she's amazing :D) since I really didn't think it should be sitting outside in the breezeway for several hours.

I also got the e-ticket for my flights.  I'm flying on Delta from here (VPS).  I leave at 0530 on Tuesday and fly up to Atlanta, then to Detroit, and then on to Seoul on a 1215 flight.  Then I'll arrive in South Korea at 1510 on Wednesday.

I'll be met at the airport there by someone from the Korean side of my recruitment agency.  I should get more information on that by Sunday.  I do know that the other Native English teacher at the school will be in Seoul at the same time as me.  All I know about him is that his name is Casey.  I'm assuming he's American since the  school just lost two Canadians and really preferred to get people with American accents this time.

I wonder if I'll be able to lose this lovely southern drawl I picked up while working at Publix?  Lol, the thought of teaching Korean children to pronounce English words with a Southern accent is highly amusing for some reason.

The funeral was today.  It was very dignified and moving.  I know my mom would've loved it.  My Aunt Ava is a Lt. Col and she handed me the flag after the Honor Guard folded it, she could barely talk and it was all I could to do stand there and wait for her to give it to me instead of giving her a hug.  She was probably closest to my mom out of all the siblings.

More family things tomorrow.  In a way I'm glad I'm getting to see everyone before I leave.  Like my cousin Margret and her husband Derrick.  I haven't seen them since May because they're in flight school.  They didn't even know if they'd be granted leave to come home this weekend until yesterday afternoon.

I think I'm going to end this little entry with the poem I wrote for the program.

A Fire Burning

A fire burning,
Ever shining, ever glowing
Never to stop, even in death
No fear, no regrets
Never looking back

A fire burning,
Always there, always around
That was my mother
She’s never gone,
Always with us, in our hearts

A fire burning,
It burns to eternity
Never gone, never forgotten

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