Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Updates and Obituaries

I got the email late last night, my visa issuance number had arrived.  I sent more documents and my passport to the Korean Consulate in Atlanta this afternoon.  I should have my passport back in my hands with a visa stamped in it by Saturday.

It's insane how fast it moves.

I had to send:
  • One official transcript OR a notarized copy of your diploma
  • Visa confirmation number
  • Copy of employment contract (does not need to be signed by the employer)
  • Completed Visa Application (call your nearest consulate and they'll email you one)
  • Completed Consul Checklist (call your nearest consulate and they'll email you one)
  • Completed Health Statement (call your nearest consulate and they'll email you one)
  • One passport size photo
  • $45 (cash or money orders only made payable to Korean Consulate. Personal checks are NOT acceptable)
  • Resume detailing your work/teaching experience including all experience in Korea
  • Postage paid self-addressed Express Mail (USPS) or FedEx envelope for return of your documents & visa- (if you are picking up your visa then you do not need to send the envelope)
It's a little daunting the amount of money I've had to spend to get all of the documents I need.
To overnight things I've spent about $150 to FedEx or DHL.  Another $18 for the apostille on my college diploma.  Another $18 for my FBI Background Check.  Then $45 to USLegalization to expedite the apostille for my FBI Background Check.  The USPS got about $20 from me for postage to and from the FBI and Florida Government.  Finally, $45 for the actual visa.

That's about $300 total.  That's about what I made in a week at Publix.

I'm so glad I don't have to pay for my plane ticket.  They should be purchasing one for me as soon as I get my visa.  I should be on my way out of the country a week from today or so.  They really want me to arrive before the current teachers leave, which I think is on the 29th.  So that means the 28th for us, since they're a day ahead.

It really hit me last night when I realized I'll probably be gone in a week.  Part of me is nervous and just a tad afraid of what the future will hold, but the rest of me is excited.  I can't wait!  Or, rather, I can, because I still have so much to do!!!!

I wrote the eulogy for my mother's funeral this evening.  I cried a bit while writing it, so I'm sure I'm going to be in total tears when I'm reading it this Friday.  I read it to Elinore and my dad read it.  He seemed to get a little choked up when he read it.  I don't want anyone else to see it before I read it, so I'll put it up here after Friday.

The obituary went up today.  Here's the link to the online version of it:  My Mother.

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